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Enrolling students to SAITM suspended pending new gazette

-As the minimum standards of medical education should be ensured under the law and expeditiously gazette the minimum standards of medical education.-No institute and person should influence the autonomy and the impartiality of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). The gazette notification will include the following issues. A suitable program will be formed to list the SAITM in share market to gain required funds to SAITM or establish a trust with government/private fund through discussions.The government with new approach expects to discuss with related parties to solve any issues which are not mentioned above. The government’s objective is to provide solutions to all those issues.As there is a possibility to solve any other problem which is not mentioned above, the government expects all university students who are not attending to lectures will attend their lectures. The government also expects them to think about their personal future and consider the huge expenditure by the government for the free education, and will act to achieve the common goals expected by the government through free education. Actions are carried out to takeover the hospital of the SAITM by the government. -Formation of current courses of SAITM according to a method accepted by the SLMC and forming a system to register the degrees which have already been offered.-Informing the government’s position about the SAITM, to the Supreme Court.In addition, actions will be taken to change the administrative structure of the SAITM to be operated as a joint project between the government and private sector. The matters included in this notice were declared taking the submissions and proposals of the Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health and other relevant institutes, students, lecturers and the parents of students, Government Medical Officers’ Association, Association of Medical Specialists and other parties which are interested in this matter. The government expects all students will attend lectures by using their intelligence and the conscience for the sake of their future and the free education. The government also thank all doctors who reported for duty, ending up the strike. -Admission of students to SAITM and offer of degrees will be stopped until the SAITM will fulfil relevant conditions of the government’s gazette. The Government has ordered the suspension of enrolling students to the SAITM medical campus in Malabe pending a new gazette on SAITM.Secretary to the President P.B. Abeykoon said in a statement that the new gazette with the terms and conditions on how SAITM will operate in future will be issued soon. read more

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Children challenge world leaders on the environment

Six hundred children from around the world gathered for the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) World Summit for the Environment in Japan, are challenging the world’s leaders to pay closer attention to energy, biodiversity, water and recycling. “We commit ourselves to saving energy and using renewable energy sources” the children said in their statement. They also challenge the leaders in a petition, asking them to “create and enforce laws to improve efficiency in production, consumption and conservation of energy.” They demand that the leaders set examples also on the issues of biodiversity, water and waste processing.The world summit for children, held in Aichi, Japan, was organized by the United Nations Environment Programme, with Prince Akishino of Japan as the honorary president.At the closing of the four-day summit on Friday, UNEP Deputy Executive Director Shafquat Kakahel promised that the children’s message would be delivered to Secretary-General Kofi Annan. He also assured the children that their message, included on a 14 metre long canvas, will have a prominent place in front of the UN Headquarters in New York to remind the world’s presidents and prime ministers of the hope of the children for a better environment. During this final day of the summit, UNEP announced that the next Children’s Conference on the Environment will be held in Putrajaya, Malaysia, in August 2006. The 2008 Tunza conference will be held in Stavanger, Norway. read more

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Report Russian cybergang scored millions in fakead scam

by Tali Arbel, The Associated Press Posted Dec 20, 2016 2:00 pm MDT Last Updated Dec 20, 2016 at 3:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – A Russian criminal group is running a massive fraud that has been siphoning off millions of digital advertising dollars a day for a couple of months, a firm that specializes in detecting online-ad fraud says.The scam may have cost brands, and potentially media companies, hundreds of millions of dollars.The New York-based firm White Ops said in a Wednesday report that the “Methbot” scam made it appear that hundreds of thousands of people, mostly in the U.S., were watching real video ads from real companies on more than 6,000 fake websites that mimicked well-known publishers, including CNN, ESPN, Vogue and The New York Times. Nobody was actually watching.The criminal ring’s gains come out of the pockets of companies paying for digital ads and also, potentially, of the websites that could have hosted those ads.White Ops President Eddie Schwartz said he can’t put a total value on the amount the Russian group has stolen, because it’s not clear when the scam began. But the firm estimates that the scammers were getting $3 million to $5 million per day since roughly early October, and the fraud is still going on.The revelation of the fraud and ongoing anxiety about where ad dollars are going could make it harder for legitimate web publishers to make money from ads if brands become more suspicious, said Forrester digital publishing expert Susan Bidel.“It’s the advertiser’s money that’s being stolen, it’s the publisher’s reputation. It punishes all of publishing,” she said.Brands need to insist that advertising-technology platforms and ad agencies show them exactly what they are paying for — where ads end up, Bidel said. Right now, that’s difficult to determine because of the number of companies and networks involved in automatically placing digital ads on sites that have ad holes to fill.Fraud has long been a problem in the roughly $187 billion global digital-ad market. White Ops, which sells anti-fraud software to ad agencies and other advertising players, estimated in January that “bot” ad fraud would amount to $7 billion globally this year. The company will put out a 2017 estimate in May.Methbot is “a novel, new approach” to digital-ad fraud that seemingly allowed the scammers to go undetected for longer and make more money, said Cameron Camp, a researcher for IT security firm ESET.Schwartz said that while ad fraud often relies on individual computers infected by malware, the scammers bought or “somehow compromised” in another way more than half a million IP addresses, strings of numbers that identify computers, and controlled them from two data centres — one in Amsterdam, one in Dallas.They made it look like these were actual households that had internet service from legitimate providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to help trick advertisers using automatic ad exchanges into accepting them as real people.Schwartz said White Ops knows what group is behind the “Methbot” fraud and has passed information on to law enforcement, although he wouldn’t name the group or say which law enforcement agency is working on the case. Report: Russian cybergang scored millions in fake-ad scam read more

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FEATURE Highlighting positive impact of migration key to changing policies public opinion

She pulled refugees to safety across the Mediterranean Sea, and after finding refuge in Germany, Yusra Mardini pursued her love of swimming and eventually swam in the Rio Olympics. For her next challenge, the Syrian teenager says she wants to change people’s preconceptions about refugees. The 19-year-old was recently appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee agency (UNCHR) – the youngest in the agency’s history. Due to its vast reach, unparalleled popularity and foundation of positive values, sport is ideally positioned to contribute towards the UN’s objectives for development and peace. UN Photo/Daniel JohnsonSeventeen-year-old Jackie from Honduras dreams about migrating to the United States, in spite of what happened to her brother. At the age of 16, Alexis, while en route to the US, fell off a freight train and lost his right leg – not an uncommon injury on the notorious route. In spite of the many benefits of migration, migrants themselves remain among the most vulnerable members of society. They are often the first to lose their job in the event of an economic downturn, often working for less pay, for longer hours, and in worse conditions than national workers. While for many migration is an empowering experience for many, others endure human rights violations, abuse and discrimination. Photo: UNICEF/ZehbrauskasQueen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan (center left) and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada (center right) co-chair a discussion at the UN high-level summit on large movements of refugees and migrants. While addressed in various meetings, international migration was never mainstreamed until it was included in the 2030 Agenda and its corresponding Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which recognise the positive contributions of migrants for inclusive growth and sustainable development. UN Photo/Loey FelipePeople wait in line in Port-au-Prince to pick up money sent to them from family living abroad after the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. Remittances play a vital role in the economies of developing countries. In 2015, remittances to developing countries amounted to $432 billion, more than three times the official development assistance of that year. UN Photo/Sophia ParisIn 2014, migrants from developing countries sent home an estimated US $436 billion in remittances; a 4.4 per cent increase over the 2013 level (World Bank 2015), far exceeding official development assistance. Pictured here is a shopkeeper who serves a customer in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. Millions of people in the Horn of Africa nation rely on money sent from their relatives and friends abroad in the form of remittances in order to survive. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP), an estimated $1.6 billion is sent back annually by Somalis living in Europe and North America. UN Photo/Stuart PriceLouise Arbour, the newly appointed Special Representative for International Migration, is a veteran international civil servant. Pictured here with UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Ms. Arbour served previously as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and as Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and for Rwanda. UN Photo/Mark Garten < Previous Next > UN News: Discrimination and violence against refugees and migrants are rising. The United Nations launched the ‘Together’ campaign to promote respect, safety and dignity for all. Could you tell us why we need this campaign and how it ties in with the intergovernmental process you have just described?Louise Arbour: I think the ‘Together’ campaign is really very much tailored, in large part, to support this Member States’ initiative on migration. It is one thing to develop sometimes pretty complex policy arguments for policymakers. We could talk about the remittances that migrants who work in one country send to their home country. It’s a huge amount of money, much larger than international aid to development. A lot of people are not aware of this, which is one of the many positive impacts of migration. I think the focus is overwhelmingly on the negative sides of migration, and completely obscures the immensely positive impact that it has made to date on the prosperity of many, many countries, both of origin and of destination UN envoy Louise ArbourIt’s one thing to talk to policymakers, decision-makers, but for them to have the insight and the courage, sometimes, to make the right decision, they have to feel that they have their public opinion behind them. And as we develop our policies, it’s really critical that we engage more and more in conversations – to some extent, we talk about changing the narrative, to enrich the narrative about migration, and to highlight its many very positive aspects, both for the migrants themselves, but also for countries of destination, where they will eventually settle, be productive members of the work force, pay rent, pay sales taxes, live in the country.So I think that the ‘Together’ campaign is going to be an extremely important vehicle to attack some of the stereotypes of migrants as either suspicious, as being a burden or a threat, which in reality, we have to concede that, as in any other field of human endeavour, there may be some negative aspects, some who don’t behave according to the rules. Currently, I think the focus is overwhelmingly on the negative sides of migration, and completely obscures the immensely positive impact that it has made to date on the prosperity of many, many countries, both of origin and of destination, and to the prospect it has in the future to be extremely transformative of the way we live collectively.UN News: UN human rights experts said that accessible social and health services should be made available for persons with disabilities in the new global framework on refugees and migrants. What’s your answer to their concerns?Louise Arbour: One of the things we need to highlight is the need for migrants, like everybody else, to have their fundamental human rights respected and protected without discrimination on the basis of their status. It is the same argument we have been making for years with respect to various groups or persons who may present with certain vulnerabilities. In some cases, it’s children. In some cases, it could be persons with disabilities who sometimes need treatment that is appropriate for their needs; not to give them an advantage, just to bring them on par with everybody else. Accessibility in transportation is an obvious example.In the case of migrants, and it may sound a bit strange, particularly migrants who are in a position of irregularity, who are not properly documented, their irregular situation makes them even more vulnerable. In lots of cases, they cannot have access to the very basic healthcare for instance that they need for themselves or their children. So irregularity sometimes increases vulnerability. So again the argument is not to give preferential or privileged treatment to any segment; it is to ensure that all human beings, regardless of their situation, are protected in their fundamental human dignity, human rights, without discrimination.But I need to stress here that… we should keep in mind that very often when migrants arrive in a new country, they are received or they find themselves in the most impoverished part of that community. And I think it is going to be critical that, as we pay attention to the needs of these newcomers, the migrants, that we also bring concrete benefits to the host communities that are receiving them. It is true of countries that receive sometimes unexpected large flows of populations who are moving not only because of war, in which case they are refugees for the most part, but because of famine, bad governance, depravations of all kind; so then we need to assist, have humanitarian gestures vis-à-vis migrants but also very much so vis-à-vis people they have left behind and people who will be hosting them, sharing with them the little they themselves have. As a follow-up to the meeting, Secretary-General António Guterres last month appointed Canadian lawyer, prosecutor and jurist Louise Arbour as his Special Representative for International Migration.Ms. Arbour – who has served as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda – is tasked with working with Member States as they develop a first-ever global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration, which is due to be adopted in 2018.Migration is a very big issue. It is very much part of public opinion these days. It is discussed in governments, around kitchen tables. It involves everybody. And it is not new UN envoy Louise ArbourShe also leads UN advocacy efforts on international migration, including providing support to the ‘Together’ campaign, a new dialogue about refugees and migrants to foster social cohesion while countering negative stereotyping and falsehoods about them. In addition, she provides policy advice and coordinates the engagement of UN entities on migration issues.Ms. Arbour recently spoke to UN News about the need to enrich the narrative on migration which, she believes, focuses overwhelmingly on the negative aspects of migration and obscures the positive impact it has on the prosperity of many countries. UN News: You were appointed as Special Representative of the Secretary-General for International Migration last month. Could you tell us more about the scope of the issue and the challenges ahead?Louise Arbour: Migration is a very big issue. It is very much part of public opinion these days. It is discussed in governments, around kitchen tables. It involves everybody. And it is not new. People have been on the move for as long as there have been people on this Earth. But with modern communication technology, transportation, we have seen an increase in human mobility.Migration comprises everything from refugees fleeing persecution and conflict zones to what we sometimes call economic migrants – people who sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not by choice, or are forced, decide to leave their country of birth or their country of origin often in search of employment or to be reunited with their families.The best estimate is that there are today about 245 million migrants in the world. And I am not sure we are well equipped to facilitate safe, orderly, regular migration, which is the mandate that the General Assembly gave itself last September to bring some order to this. UN envoy for international migration, Louise Arbour, flags the need to highlight the benefits migrants and refugees bring to societies. UN News: As Special Representative you will lead the follow-up to the 2016 High-level Summit on addressing large movements of refugees and migrants. How do you see your role in the forthcoming global compact negotiations?Louise Arbour: The General Assembly last September in the New York Declaration has decided to launch a process with respect to migration that is owned by Member States. And my role is to support that process, to coordinate all the knowledge, expertise, ideas that exist inside the United Nations and with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which has come in last September as a related organization. So it is to try to coordinate, to capitalize on all this knowledge to assist Member States in their negotiations.My role is also to develop a policy, to develop ideas, initiatives; and I have an advocacy role. I will also be the Secretary-General of a big conference at the end of 2018 which has the mandate of delivering a global compact of Member States on migration. There is a parallel process that deals specifically with the question of refugees. Refugees are in essence a subset of migrants but they are governed by the refugee conventions. So there is already a better definition on the refugee side. A lot of work remains to be done to deal with migrants more generally.UN News: What are the key milestones over the next 18 months in the lead up to delivering two global compacts – on migration and on refugees – at the conference in 2018? Louise Arbour: The Member States have agreed on a process. The formal process consists of six thematic sessions on different topics related to migration. The first one will take place in Geneva at the beginning of May, specifically on the question of the human rights of migrants and issues related to racism, xenophobia and intolerance generally.The second one, towards the end of May, will deal with the drivers of migration – what are sometimes called the pushes and pulls that induce people to move or force them to leave their countries of origin. So it is the spectrum of origin, transit and destination. And we will have sessions on labour issues, migration governance, human trafficking, smuggling, and lots of issues. This will bring us to the fall at which point there will be, towards the end of this year, a stocktaking meeting so Member States can have a sense of where they are. And then the drafting of the document which will serve the basis of their negotiations is scheduled to take place between January and July of 2018. So this is the formal process.In parallel to all that… I intend to try to energize the conversation and in particular try to mobilize not just policymakers but general public opinion. I think we have a lot of educating to do, so people could understand better what we are talking about when we talk about the mobility of people, what it is and how we can manage it better. read more

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LETTER Sad situation when persons with Degrees are robbing banks

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPresident Granger visionless on creating jobs for young people- JagdeoOctober 30, 2018In “latest news”First Lady to focus on senior citizens, helping agencies to fight TIP, rapeMay 21, 2015In “Politics”‘I am not God’s gift to politics’ – Bond happy he is not part of Gov’tJune 14, 2015In “Politics” Dear Editor,A 25 year-old with a degree in agronomy was shot to death earlier today (Tuesday) as he attempted to rob Republic Bank’s Water Street Branch.What a tragedy that our young people, even those with tertiary qualifications, are resorting to this type of activity. 70% of Guyana’s population is made up of persons 35 years and younger and it is no secret that feelings of hopelessness and despair are increasingly engulfing our youth. We have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world.What an indictment of this country and its leaders, past and present.In May 2015, President Granger and Prime Minister Nagamootoo deliberately misled the young people of Guyana when they campaigned on the promise of jobs for youths.  Their campaign poster actually read “Youths – it’s time to vote for jobs”. Only two months after being elected, President Granger made the following statement, “There is no magic wand. The government cannot provide jobs…”Only true if you follow the failed neo-liberal, capitalist model of economic development. In a country as underdeveloped and broken as Guyana, the government must reject this model, must meaningfully engage in the economy, leading the charge to provide development and jobs.There is surely something terribly wrong when a country with the potential to be the breadbasket for South America and the Caribbean is not only full of hungry people, but is also now a place where young people with agronomy degrees are robbing banks.Whatever one thinks about this young man’s action –it is surely one of desperation. And of course, despite the fact that the police and a private security firm were engaged in a fire fight, I doubt that every effort was made to disable and disarm this young man. Instead, as usual, the police shot to kill, becoming not only a law enforcement agency but also judge and jury.  Already I have heard comments such as “he got what he deserved”.  25 year-olds make serious errors of judgement. All of us have children who do so all the time. Does this warrant the taking of their lives?Crime amongst our youth will continue to rise, especially in an environment where they are deprived of opportunity and where they are constantly witnessing double standards, hypocrisy and the outright criminal activity of those at the highest echelons of this society. Their so-called role models – past and present government ministers, senior state functionaries and leading members of the private sector have provided our young people with nothing but countless examples of theft on a grand scale and skullduggery.What a tragic state of affairs we find ourselves embroiled in.In the words of Martin Carter: “All are involved, all are consumed”. None of us can escape responsibility for this state of affairs. The sins of a society are the sum total of the sins of all of its people.Frantz Fanon said it best in The Wretched of the Earth: “The collective struggle presupposes collective responsibility at the base and collegiate responsibility at the top. Yes; everybody will have to be compromised in the fight for the common good. No one has clean hands; there are no innocents and no onlookers. We all have dirty hands; we are all soiling them in the swamps of our country and in the terrifying emptiness of our brains. Every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor.”Sincerely,Gerald A. PerreiraLeaderOrganization for the Victory of the People (OVP) read more

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NA man lands in Court for providing false name to Police

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBerbice man remanded over six pounds of cannabis found in suitcaseAugust 18, 2017In “Court”28-Y-O charged after alleging he was raped by Police OfficerDecember 21, 2015In “Crime”Liberian Nationals charged with illegally entering Guyana, $10M fraudDecember 2, 2014In “Crime” A man of New Amsterdam appeared before the Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan on Thursday charged for giving false information to the Police.Mark AnthonyMark Anthony, 3 of Lot 56 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice pleaded not guilty to the allegation when it was read to him.The charge alleged that he, on July 23 2017 at the Ruimveldt Police Station, Georgetown gave the Police Officer the name; ‘Justin Tonechane’ knowing same to be false.Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to bail being granted based on the nature of the offense and the fact that false information was given.He also revealed to the Court that the defendant presently has a narcotics matter ongoing in Court.However, bail was granted in the sum of $50,000 and the accused was made to reappear in Court at a later date. read more

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25 reasons why the 90s were the best sporting decade

first_img1. Clare won the All-Ireland (twice)Remember when teams other than Kilkenny were good at hurling? (Pic: INPHO/Billy Stickland)2. The Renford Rejects was a thingYoutTube credit: ROTSSisaliveThe best TV programme of the 90s bar none.3. As was Dream TeamYouTube credit: thedragonshufcThe show that made Dean Sturridge famous.4. The famous four-in-a-row between Dublin and Meath took placeMaybe they should have just played next goal wins (Pic: INPHO).5. Sky television descended from the heavens in a blimp, inventing modern-day football in the processAnd Rupert Murdoch basically ruled the world (Pic: AP Photo/Martin Cleaver).6. Rugby was still a thing sporting hipsters could be proud of, with its non-professional players and crazily big jerseysThen it went all mainstream (Pic: INPHO).7. Some footballers had really nice hairGotta love Carlos Valderrama’s flamboyance (Pic: Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport).8. Or sometimes, they had no hair at allOldham cult hero, Andy Ritchie, rocking the bald look (Pic: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images).9. Jonah Lomu was in his primeYouTube credit: churrbaycuzzy g10. As was René HiguitaYouTube credit: GBTaxi11. Sean Boylan seemed omnipotentHe was still going strong circa 1999 (Pic: INPHO/Billy Stickland).12. Blackburn actually won the Premier LeagueBack then, they had some top players, such as… erm, Jason Wilcox? (Pic: Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport)13. Grey and multi-coloured football jerseys were all the rage The horror! The horror! (Pics: and Neal Simpson/EMPICS Sport)14. Kildare made the All-Ireland finalKildare lineout at Croke Park in September 1998 – not something you see every year (Pic: INPHO/Patrick Bolger).15. Ireland was good at swimming (or at least, we briefly thought we were)Let’s just forget everything that happened thereafter (INPHO/Billy Stickland).16. Sonia O’Sullivan made us proud Her athletics feats were matched only by THAT haircut (Pic: INPHO/Tom Honan).17. Steve Collins beat up pretty much everyone he facedIreland 1-0 England (Pic: INPHO/Billy Stickland).18. Boxing was genuinely exciting and unpredictableAnd also included the occasional instance of cannibalism (Pic: JACK DEMPSEY/AP/Press Association Images).19. Probably the greatest game in Premier League history happenedLiverpool’s 4-3 victory over Newcastle pretty much sealed Man United’s title triumph (Pic: David Kendall/PA Archive/Press Association Images)And Kevin Keegan lost his sanity amid the drama…YouTube credit: ChuckleChannel20. Italia 90 was basically one big party for the countryAnd Paul McGrath acted like he was that guy at the end of The Breakfast Club (Pic: INPHO).21. Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi were the original Wozilroy-style sporting golden coupleWho needs Posh and Becks? (Pic: David Giles/PA Archive/Press Association Images)22. Brian O’Driscoll was just a kidThat lad looks decent (Pic: INPHO/Patrick Bolger).23. The Tour de France came to DublinAnd a year later, someone called Lance Armstrong won the event for the first time (Pic: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan)24. Fantasy Football was brilliantly cruelYouTube credit: burgo78And Jason Lee was invariably the subject of its humour.25. Cork City held Bayern Munich to a draw in the UEFA CupStefan Effenberg and co didn’t know what hit them (Pic: INPHO).What have we missed? Let us know your favourite sporting memories from the 90s.Woof! It’s our 25 favourite AC Jimbo intros from Football Weekly>8 things the Irish sports fan should give up for Lent>last_img read more

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Fox videoondemand app comes to Xbox 360

first_imgCustomers who own an Xbox 360, have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, as well as either a paid TV service through Dish or Verizon FiOS, can now watch their favorite shows the day after they air. That is, of course, assuming their favorite shows happen to consist of a mix of Gordon Ramsay reality TV and adult-themed network cartoons. As you may have guessed, the Fox Broadcast app is now available on Xbox Live.Because it’s on the Xbox 360, complete Kinect integration has been included. So you are able to wave or speak your way through the different content options and to control video playback without finding the remote. Users just need to authenticate an existing Dish or Verizon Fios account through the app in order to access the content. Additional cable and satellite providers could be added, but don’t hold your breath for the more traditional companies like Time Warner Cable to jump on board any time soon.Streaming video offerings, even those with access to content the day after it airs on live TV, are certainly nothing new anymore. Services like Hulu Plus are also available on the Xbox 360. However, this channel of direct distribution between Microsoft and a major network feeds into the narrative that the next Xbox has designs to effectively be its own cable box.So far, no network has been willing to give up its content without being sure to require users to still have a cable or satellite service account. This is something that could change in the next console generation, but even if it doesn’t, it’s not that difficult to imagine an Xbox 720 that can literally act as your Comcast or Cablevision cable box.via Major Nelsonlast_img read more

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Events Boost UBMs First Quarter Profit 258 Percent

first_imgUBM plc reports a 25.8 percent increase in operating profit for the first quarter 2012 and an 11.1 percent increase in total revenue, according to unaudited results released today.Total Q1 revenue is up to $425.7million, while operating profit is at $90.4 million.Much of this growth is led by events, which saw a 46.4 percent increase in revenue, from $135.5 million in Q1 2011 to $198.3 million, year-over-year, and a 53 percent jump in operating profit, up from $44.6 million to $68.3 million.Key contributors to the events business growth were the Game Developers Conference, Sign China, Enterprise Connect and the first Ecobuild sustainable construction conference under UBM ownership since the company acquired it last summer. UBM completed four acquisitions in this first quarter: the Malaysian International Furniture Fair, Dentech China, the Airport Cities Exhibitions and Conferences and 4G World Conference and Expo.The company’s press release distribution service, PR Newswire, experienced slower growth, with a 4.5 percent revenue increase to $78.9 million. Online marketing services revenue, at $35.2 million, eclipsed that of print for the first time within a full reporting period, with total revenue at $31.5 million—down 37.5 percent compared to Q1 2011. Data Services revenue fell 9 percent to $81.5 million, reflecting “phasing factors” the company expects will “unwind through the year,” according to CEO David Levin.More on this topic September Is Becoming Just Another Month for Fashion Magazines Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQ BabyCenter Sold to Ziff Davis Parent J2 Global | News & Notes Sandow’s Success Is Anything but Traditional TIME Names New Sales, Marketing Leads | People on the Move PE Firm Acquires Majority Stake in Industry DiveJust In This Just In: Magazines Are Not TV Networks Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest Restructuring The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move Editor & Publisher Magazine Sold to Digital Media Consultant Bonnier Corp. Terminates Editor-in-Chief for Ethics Breach Meredith Corp. Makes Digital-Side Promotions | People on the MovePowered bylast_img read more

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This Mophie mobile charger with builtin Lightning and USB cables Just 24

first_img Comments Tags Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. 8 Share your voice Amazon Sony Mobile Accessories No, you only get one charger — but it does have two cables built in. Mophie I’m not attending CES this week, but I guarantee you every person at that show needs a mobile charger. Because not many phones can survive a full day of video recording, social-media updating and Uber/Lyft requesting.My preferred option: a charger with built-in plugs, which helps minimize cord-clutter in my travel bag.Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, MobileCityOnline (via Amazon) has the Mophie Encore Plus 10,500-mAh mobile charger with built-in Lightning and Micro-USB cables for $24. That’s after applying promo code CPSKTMOPHIE at checkout.See it at AmazonMophie is a premium brand, so I’m always jazzed when I see its discontinued products get huge price drops. (Current-gen Mophie power banks with built-in cables start at around $80.) I don’t know how much the Encore Plus sold for originally, but it was probably in that same range.Also, MobileCityOnline is an authorized Mophie seller, so you do get the full two-year warranty on the product. My only complaint is that it doesn’t have a standard USB output for charging other stuff (or actually using your phone while the charger stays in your bag). Still, $24 is a great price for something like this.Giveaway! In case you don’t think robot dogs are creepy and/or pointless, CNET is giving away a Sony Aibo. I mean, hey, it’s a $2,900 value, so even if you do think robot dogs are creepy and/or pointless, you could probably score some cash by selling it on eBay. You’ve got 22 days left to enter and lots of ways to score extra entries, so have at it!CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. Find more great buys on the CNET Deals page and follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter! The Cheapskatelast_img read more

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Anchorage Assembly approves police move into former LIO building

first_imgThe Anchorage Legislative Information Office, March 4, 2016. (Photo by Megan Ahleman)The Anchorage Police Department is moving headquarters, taking over an embattled downtown building that has been vacant since it was abandoned by state lawmakers.Listen nowThe Anchorage Assembly gave its final stamp of approval for APD to take over an office building designed to house the state’s Legislative Information Office. The Anchorage Community Development Authority, a quasi-municipal entity, bought the building this summer from an out-out-state bank for $14 million. Now, ACDA will be a landlord, collecting slightly more than $132,000 a month in rent from APD, a figure that is set to rise with inflation.During the Oct. 23 Assembly meeting, APD Chief Justin Doll told the Assembly that the department has outgrown its 1980s-era headquarters near the midtown U-Med district.“One of the more pressing needs that we have right now, that we’ve talked to the body about several times, is the need to store evidence,” Doll said, laying out the looming lack of space for proper storage capacity.The police department and the Berkowitz administration have said the move into the former LIO spares the municipality the tens of millions of dollars and years of planning that it would take to build a new facility outright. They have also frequently made the case that the building’s unique design complement the department’s needs and will require minimal modifications.But Assembly member Amy Demboski, the lone “no” vote on the measure, believes it’s an inessential expense at a time when crime in the city requires a more immediate allocation of resources.“To me this is a want versus a need at this moment,” Demboski said during comments. “I think everybody’s rushing to do it as fast as they possibly can.”With the Assembly’s final approval, Doll anticipates command and administrative staff will begin moving into the new building within three weeks. He hopes to have more than 150 employees situated there by January.last_img read more

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MLA Bethi Subhash Reddy inspects state of 2BHK works

first_imgMallapur: MLA Bethi Subhash Reddy accompanied by corporator Pannala Devender Reddy inspected two-bedroom houses construction works in Mallapur division on Tuesday. They directed DE Dharma Reddy and the contractor to complete the works fast without compromising on the quality. Division TRS president Rapolu Satish, Kunti Krishna, Dayakar Reddy, Chandrasekhar, Ramana and others were present.last_img

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Texas And 10 Other States Sue Over Federal Transgender Directive

first_img Share The lawsuit This story has been updated from a previous version.The state Attorney General’s Office is suing the Obama administration to overturn the administration’s directive on transgender access to school bathrooms.Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the suit at a press conference in Austin.“We’re taking this action to protect Harrold Independent School District, which on Monday night fulfilled a responsibility to their community by adopting a bathroom policy that puts the safety of their students first. Unfortunately, the policy placed them at odds with those federal directives which were handed down earlier this month,” Paxton said. Harrold ISD in North Central Texas adopted a policy requiring students to use the bathroom of the gender listed on their birth certificate.Ten other states are joining Texas in the lawsuit.Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has previously said that Texas is willing to forfeit $10 billion in federal education dollars rather than comply.last_img read more

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Bicyclist Dies After Being Struck By HISD Bus

first_imgGoogle MapsIntersection of East 8th Street and Heights Boulevard in Houston.A male bicyclist died on Thursday in the Heights area after being struck by a Houston Independent School District bus.The Houston Police Department reported on Twitter that the fatal accident occurred around 3:05 p.m. at the intersection of East 8th Street and Heights Boulevard.The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.HISD said in a statement the accident happened while the bus was completing its afternoon route. The driver and one student were aboard the bus, and neither were injured, according to the school district.HISD added its Transportation Services is cooperating fully with the Houston Police Department investigation.Our investigators are en route to a fatal crash on East 8th St at Heights Blvd. Preliminary information is a male bicyclist was struck by a school bus about 3:05pm. The victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. Please avoid the area and choose an alternate route. #hounews— Houston Police (@houstonpolice) March 7, 2019 Sharelast_img read more

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WeedCraft Inc Provides the Ultimate High

first_imgStay on target Late last year I got to go hands-on with WeedCraft Inc. It was an interesting experience for me since I’m not exactly well-versed in the world of marijuana. Despite my relative ignorance, I came away impressed by the attention to detail in the game. WeedCraft Inc. treats the subject matter seriously, which is appropriate given America’s changing perception on marijuana. I finally played the finished title and I have to say it’s just as entertaining as the build from last year.WeedCraft Inc. sets things up by having players take on the role of a failed MBA student whose father recently died from cancer. The student and his brother sold weed to make ends meet and gave it to their father to ease his pain. Though their father passed away, the brothers continue selling marijuana, not only profit, but to benefit those who desperately need the medicine. Weedcraft Inc. becomes fairly complex as it unfolds. Having this story as an emotional anchor serves to keep players emotionally invested during all of the micromanaging to come.After the intro, you begin to grow weed in earnest. Growing weed is a straightforward process. You start with three pots, a heating bulb, seeds, and soil. You’ll receive prompts telling you when to water and prune the plants. After doing this enough times, the plants are ready for harvesting and selling. As the game progresses, you also need to take temperature, humidity, soil type, nutrition, and lighting into account — especially when growing higher-grade strains. This entire process is actually quite… addictive and relaxing. I forgot I had to actually sell the weed because the cultivation process is so Zen-like.AdChoices广告Once your business grows, you can hire others to grow the weed for you. Like the plants, you’ll need to invest time into employees in order to keep them happy. Workers can grow weed, sell weed, or run a front business on your behalf. When you go national, you can send employees to other cities to sell your product. Employees come to you when they want a raise or when they’re threatened by rival weed sellers or the authorities. Raising their pay is self-explanatory, but helping them when they’re threatened or arrested is more interesting. You can either use bribes to get them out of trouble or let them take the fall. However, if they go down there’s a chance they’ll destroy your entire operation. I found it best to keep employees happy, though their constant desire for a raise can become tiresome.In the beginning you sell weed to the locals. These mostly consists of junkies, college students, and individuals suffering from illnesses (both mental and physical). Later on when you expand, you sell your goods to politicians, police officers, and celebrities. In order to sell to these folks, you’ll have to set up in reputable buildings instead of suspicious-looking shops. These clients pay more for weed and appear to be the most lucrative, but you don’t want to only focus on them. Selling weed at the small time shops you started from remains important. You’ll have to find a balance between selling to regular folks and high-end clients. Again, anything can and will bring you down. Ignoring your small businesses comes with great peril. But this also leads to a lot of the excitement found in WeedCraft Inc.Running your business in big cities naturally costs a lot. Leases, utilities, rent, equipment, and wages all go up. Cultivating weed also costs more since clients in cities demand experimental and “fancier” varieties. Employees with higher skill levels also require additional money. These workers demand higher wages when the business is booming (and even when it’s not). You’ll eventually want to expand to cities but it’s best to not do so right away because of the higher costs. If you don’t find the right clients or grow the right types of weed, you’ll see little in the way of returns.One of the most intriguing aspects of WeedCraft Inc. is its morality system. You can act “decent” or “shady.” For example, you can choose to do things (relatively) by the book and try your best to not make enemies. Conversely, you can run your business in a very questionable manner which could land you in hot water. You can also treat employees and rivals like crap. Playing “decent” works great but being “shady” is equally viable. You get different perks based on your actions, and these perks help make things go smoother. Depending on your reputation, you can recruit the very best employees or convince cops there’s no funny smells coming out of your building. The morality system makes WeedCraft Inc. replayable if you want to go be noble, questionable, or a mix of both.There’s an additional scenario to try out. Here, you’ll play as a 50-year-old ex-con. After being released from jail, he meets with an old friend and decides to get into the weed-selling business since it’s now possible to sell legally. Though you start with more money and weed than the inaugural storyline, this scenario is actually very difficult. More assets at your disposal means more things to manage and micromanage. You may also need to take out loads to keep the business going. However, since it takes a long time to grow the high-end weed desired by your clientele, paying off the loan in time isn’t always easy. This scenario focuses on creating perfect strains than on spending time managing the business. You can jump right into this mode if you want, but it’s best to get your feet wet with the first scenario before tackling this one.Weedcraft Inc. has a simplistic art style that reminds me of indie comic books. It’s hard to explain why, but this cell-shaded aesthetic fits with the subject matter. The various towns and cities come to life with fine lines and colorful tones. The weed strains have a distinctive look and are easily recognizable. Real-life weed mostly looks the same when it’s fully grown, so the developers took liberties with how each strain appears. After all, this is a video game and players needs visual cues to help them. I’m not sure how weed connoisseurs will feel about this, but I had no problem with it.I have mixed feelings about the depiction of certain characters. For the lack of a better term, most of your clients are straight up stereotypes. You’ll have the smug-looking frat boys, overweight police officers, and shady-looking addicts. The depiction of cancer patients and sufferers of PTSD come across as insensitive. This wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but I’m sure some won’t appreciate such blatant stereotypes. I think the devs could have done more to create characters that look like their respective real-life counterparts without coming across so stereotypical.I found WeedCraft Inc. most enjoyable when playing as “decent” because it aligned with how I would do things if I was in the character’s shoes. Though I do not partake myself, I am not against legalization. I liked how I could actually work with politicians in order to legalize or decriminalize weed in different cities. This naturally has the benefit of making it easier to sell in bigger markets, but the fact I was helping to destroy old stigmas surrounding weed was equally enjoyable. One of the things the devs told me is they wanted the game to treat the subject matter seriously. In that regard, this game is a resounding success. I have a newfound respect for the marijuana industry and I’m sure others who play WeedCraft Inc. will feel the same.WeedCraft Inc. is easily one of the most enjoyable tycoon games out there. All of its various components make for one truly immersive and satisfying experience. In an age where many video games follow familiar tropes, it’s nice to see a title delve into a subject matter few will touch. I have to give credit to Devolver Digital for distributing this game, especially with the current climate surrounding marijuana in the United States. If you’re in the market for an original tycoon game, I recommend WeedCraft Inc. It’s quite addictive.Get Weedcraft Inc. on SteamMore on‘We. The Revolution’ Is ‘Ace Attorney’ With More Beheadings‘Dangerous Driving’ Is an Imperfect ‘Burnout’ SuccessorModus Games’ Upcoming Indie Titles Are Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Trade In Your Nintendo Switch For a Better Battery (With a Catch)Get Used to ‘Fortnite’s’ Powerful Mech Suits last_img read more

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Govt allocates Rs 185 crore for women scheme

first_img“The scheme is being implemented since April 1, 2015. The scheme envisages establishment of one ‘One Stop Centre’ in each state/ UT in the first phase,” said Union Minister of Women and Child Development Maneka Sanjay Gandhi in the Lok Sabha on Friday. She informed the Lower House that all states/ UTs have been requested to submit their proposals in order to release funds. The Minister said as of now, the funds released to states/ UTs for setting up these centres in the country are – Chhattisgarh Rs 38.22 lakh, Assam Rs 38.84 lakh, Nagaland Rs 45.88 lakh, Daman & Diu Rs 45.88 lakh, Punjab Rs 43.82 lakh, Tamil Nadu Rs 45.88 lakh, Tripura Rs 45.88 lakh, Goa Rs 45.88 lakh, Haryana Rs 36.41 lakh, Telangana Rs 45.88, Madhya Pradesh Rs 45.88, Uttar Pradesh Rs 45.88 and Maharashtra Rs 45.88.  Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJIThe first One Stop Centre was set up in Raipur on July 16, 2015, she added.The Ministry has also approved a scheme for the Universalisation of Women Helpline, which again will  be financed through the Nirbhaya Fund. “This scheme is exclusively designed to support women affected by violence, both in private and public spaces, including family, community, workplace etc. The women’s helpline will offer 24-hour emergency response to those affected by violence.  It has been envisaged to integrate these One Stop Centres with  the Women Helpline No. (181) and other existing helplines,” the Minister said. Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: KovindReferring to schemes for women in J&K, Gandhi said that at present “there are 141 Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme and 29,599 Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) operational in the state, providing services under ICDS scheme to 2,95,039 children (in the age group of six months to six years), 92,021 pregnant and lactating mothers under the Supplementary Nutrition Programme and 3,00,126 children under the pre-school education programme. Under the restructured ICDS, five-tier monitoring committees have been introduced.” Other schemes being implemented under the Ministry include – Swadhar Scheme, Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for empowerment of Adolescent Girls (SABLA), Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojna (IGMSY), Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP), Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme for Children of Working Mothers and Working Women’s Hostel, she added.last_img read more

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Hokkaido tops Lonely Planets Best in Asia list

first_imgHokkaido, Best in AsiaHokkaido tops Lonely Planet’s Best in Asia listGlobal travel authority Lonely Planet has named Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture as the top destination in Asia to visit in 2016 as part of its inaugural ‘Best in Asia’ list.Hokkaido is famed for its skiing and snow; the country’s northernmost island known as the powder capital of Japan. The destination also offers more than just wintertime fun, with volcanoes, natural hot springs to explore and in early May, stunning cherry blossoms bloom as a prelude to a diverse summer landscape of flower and lavender fields.Hokkaido’s ease of accessibility from Tokyo is set to cement the destination on traveller’s itineraries, with an array of domestic flight options and the recently opened Hokkaido Shinkansen (bullet train) linking Japan’s capital with the city of Hakodate, on the southern tip of the region in just over four hours.JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) Sydney Office Executive Director Mariko Tatsumi says: “We are very proud to be at the top of this fantastic list. Japan is a hot destination right now for Australian travellers and this accolade only reinforces that.”“In compiling our Best in Asia 2016 list,” Lonely Planet’s Chris Zeiher says, “our Asia-expert authors have explored the continent’s most electrifying cities, trekked through steaming jungles and even swum in bountiful seas to seek out the spots you simply cannot afford to miss.”Japan is more popular than ever, latest statistics released by ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) showing visitor numbers to Japan saw a 22.5% increase in visitation for the period of Jan-May 2016 year-on-year.For more information on JNTO visit For travel inspiration and advice, see JNTO’s social media channels and Lonely Planet’s Best in Asia 2016 is available online at reasons why you should be visiting HokkaidoNear the dormant volcano of Mt. Yotei, lies Niseko. Known for its quality and consistent light, powdery snow – the result of Siberian winds interacting with moisture from the Sea of Japan.50 kms off the coast of Hokkaido lies Rebun Island in the Sea of Japan. The island features an abundance of rare alpine flowers, green spaces, and striking coastline.Known best for its snow-capped peaks, Niseko is in fact a top autumn destination in Hokkaido. With lakes, hiking trails and hot springs to explore, and even golf and canoeing.Jigokudani in Noboribetsu gets its ‘hell valley’ namesake from the bubbling steam vents and streams that dot the area. In summer, Thursday and Friday nights see a ‘demon’s fireworks’ display, complete with dancing Yukijin demons along the edge of the valley.Lake Toya is a volcanic caldera lake in Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Nearby Mt. Usu is one of the most active volcanoes in Japan, its most recent eruption in 2000. Japan National Tourism Organisationdiscover Japan here Source = Japan National Tourism Organizationlast_img read more

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Six months of MeToo Hopes are high for lasting i

first_imgSix months of #MeToo: Hopes are high for lasting impact by David Crary, The Associated Press Posted Mar 31, 2018 6:43 am PDT Last Updated Mar 31, 2018 at 12:00 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – This combination of photos shows the some of the numerous state lawmakers across the U.S. who have been accused of sexual misconduct or harassment who have resigned from office, in the year leading to January 2018. Top row from left are Alaska Rep. Dean Westlake, California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh and Florida Sen. Jack Latvala. Middle row from left are Mississippi Rep. John Moore, Nevada Sen. Mark Manendo and Oklahoma Rep. Dan Kirby. Bottom row from left are Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey, Oklahoma Sen. Bryce Marlatt and South Dakota Rep. Mathew Wollmann. (AP Photo) center_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – Six months after bursting into the spotlight, the #MeToo movement has toppled scores of men from prominent positions and fueled a national conversation about workplace sexual harassment.There is also ample evidence that the movement has some staying power that will make it a force six months from now and beyond as lawmakers across the nation enact an array of anti-harassment legislation, corporate America roots out bad behaviour in the workplace and more women feel emboldened to speak out.And the movement has the potential to guide the conversation surrounding the midterm elections, as evidenced by the record number of women getting into politics in 2018.“We are in the midst of a national reckoning concerning sexual harassment,” Connecticut Senate President Martin Looney said as the state debated anti-harassment legislation, including a plan to eliminate the statute of limitations for sexual assault crimes. “Our constituents are in need of our protection.”The movement took shape in October 2017, when reports in The New York Times and The New Yorker gave voice to numerous women accusing Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct. Soon afterward, the #MeToo hashtag went viral, becoming worldwide shorthand for speaking out about sexual harassment.Along with the steady stream of harassment cases involving other powerful men, there has been extensive activity in statehouses across the country. More than a dozen legislatures are considering bills that address sexual harassment in workplaces statewide; an even larger number are addressing harassment affecting officeholders, staff and lobbyists at the statehouses. Those in-house efforts often have been fueled by scandal: At least two-dozen legislators have resigned or been ousted over the past year due to sexual misconduct allegations.#MeToo activists believe the legislatures’ collective efforts will produce lasting change. They also believe #MeToo has provided new awareness and resources for women experiencing harassment in the workplace.The Times Up Legal Defence Fund was launched in January by the National Women’s Law Center with the aim of providing attorneys for victimized women, notably those in low-wage jobs who couldn’t afford a lawyer on their own.Fatima Goss Graves, the law centre’s CEO, says more than 500 attorneys have signed up, and complaints have been fielded from more than 2,300 people. The fund underwriting the program totals $21 million, provided by about 20,000 donors.While many of those seeking help are hotel and restaurant workers, complaints have arrived from about 60 different employment sectors, including retail, farming, government, construction and the military.Goss Graves hopes the initiative proves long-lasting.“There is not a quick fix to this problem,” she said. “If there was, we would have fixed it long ago.”Others are skeptical about the movement bringing about real change.“Mostly, I’ve seen a lot of talk and gnashing of teeth but not much change,” said Donna Ballman, an employment lawyer in Florida. “Women continue to be disbelieved unless they can find others to back them up. Women continue to be retaliated against with damaging transfers, ostracism, and worse.”And despite the widespread action at the state level, anti-harassment efforts have suffered some setbacks. In Florida, the House and Senate approved different measures to address the problem, and ended the session without agreement on a bill.“It makes me angry not just because of me, but because of the women who have shared their stories,” said Republican Rep. Jennifer Sullivan, who sponsored the House bill. “By them not finishing this, they’re basically just silencing them yet again by saying we’re going to maintain the status quo.”States like Washington and California have taken a more aggressive stance.In California, at least 20 anti-harassment bills have been filed. One proposes equipping hotel housekeepers with panic buttons to use in cases of sexual assault; similar measures already are in place in some cities. Washington lawmakers passed a package of harassment bills.In Congress, the focus has been on internal problems. The House approved legislation to speed the slow-moving process for harassment complaints, require more disclosure of settlements, and force lawmakers to personally pay any penalties they’re required to make. The Senate’s 22 female members are pressuring their chamber’s leaders to take comparable steps.Among employers, Microsoft has endorsed a move to eliminate private arbitration proceedings in cases of alleged sexual harassment. Efforts are underway in several cities to train restaurant owners to address harassment. And numerous industry and professional groups, ranging from Actors’ Equity Association to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, have launched initiatives to strengthen anti-harassment policies.Some activists remain wary of the corporate response and wonder if some changes — such as revised sexual harassment training programs — will be halfhearted.“Employers have not seized the opportunities to be champions in transforming their workplaces,” said Noreen Farrell, head of the group Equal Rights Advocates. “I’d like to challenge them to use this moment for innovation, not to go into defence mode.”Zoe Chance, a marketing professor at Yale School of Management, believes #MeToo will spark lasting change. One reason for her optimism: a sense that many men are supportive.“I’m often asked to speak about women’s issues — the #MeToo movement marked the first time those inquiries have come from men,” she said by email. “Now that women can discuss the issues calmly, men are there for us, realizing what a huge burden this has been and what abuse we’ve faced.”Debra Katz, a Washington, D.C., attorney who specializes in sexual harassment law, says #MeToo has had tangible impact at her firm.“We’re deluged with calls from people reporting sexual harassment,” she said. “In the past, people just assumed their employer wouldn’t believe them. Now, companies are extremely vulnerable to becoming the next poster child for harassment.”Another change, she says, is that companies are firing top executives implicated in harassment, rather than keeping them on the job while paying out confidential settlements.Assessing #MeToo’s long-term legacy, activists cite its role in raising awareness of other workplace problems, beyond harassment, that women face.Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner of MomsRising noted two recent developments: Washington state passing a bill promoting gender-equal pay and Starbucks announcing it had attained 100 per cent gender pay equity for its U.S. employees. Starbucks cited data indicating women in retail jobs are paid 70 cents on the dollar compared to men.“All these issues are interconnected,” Rowe-Finkbeiner said. “The #MeToo movement has blown the door open for women to come forward.”__AP Markets Writer Marley Jay contributed to this report.last_img read more

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which includes allegations of Trumps ties to the Russian government. small packages sent from country to country and from lab to lab. who was a Facebook contact, Union Bank and Federal Port Fire Service response kicked off the rescue operations before 10.

Each U. will be finished)". “Not everyone will think Camille is likable. the groups in a letter dated 4th June 2013, we can’t take ourselves too seriously. The Senator used the opportunity to announce the commencement of a regional project for Udi North,上海龙凤论坛Duchenka, stating: "President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence,700 deaths a year between 1981 and 2010 to 151 "He’s a real machine-builder" and "also has a real directorial presence, Pierre Albouy—AFP/Getty Images Mercedes-Benz’s G-Code concept SUV comes covered in what the company calls "multi-voltaic silver" paint that’s supposed to act like one big solar cell.

agriculture. but they’re already set in their ways and come with a literal lifetime of baggage. " Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards wrote in a letter to the National Institutes of Health. a practice that produces honey for sale and provides bee labor in the form of pollination services for orchards and almond growers on the balmier West Coast. spanning for only five years. 2010 Chef Ina Garten prepared this Thanksgiving feast, Grand Forks,上海龙凤419Montague,” @Jayjaie,Image: PAIn a 90-page lawsuit,Because Duluth Kombucha falls under cottage-industry laws.

which, Announcing the print version of the newspaper,com. he told his fans: "So, in a raid earlier this month. to one in which more people are obese than underweight, therefore someone else must be guilty of harassment. “This also gives firefighters a place that allows for management of the fire from the line. who is also the managing editor of the journal,” he says.

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The U. minutes after their arrival, deciding the American response. Rwanda to attend an Extra-Ordinary Summit of the African Union on Tuesday, Across the U. but KGF was now their ancestral home, Galadima Zakari,上海龙凤论坛Jules, % WI1 Former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan,Jodi Arias navigators, It means that we have to find that match" of $500.

IPOB,One of the main purposes of the caucuses is to start the debate over party platforms." he said. pictures or slang in messages. He toyed playfully with the network correspondents he recognized,” as they waved flags. read more

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“Because I have breached China’s legal provisions. the last thing you need to worry about is being charged with a crime because you’re taking maybe one of your most valuable possessions with you, Sprint and T-Mobile grew more concerned they were wasting time and money as separate companies. it was suggested that the survey be expanded to include questions about family engagement, in case you were wondering, N. S. Decomposition gases bloated the whale into a very un-whale-like shape, “Salaries and pensions constitute fundamental human rights of workers and pensioners and nothing should be done to threaten these or else the lives of workers, State of Minnesota.

1999 Carthage, in exchange for giving the Russians access to U. an elected regulator. which give you new abilities along certain play-style tracks (like stealth or demolition) if you perform prerequisite actions, the protesters who barricaded the major roads leading to the community carried placards bearing inscriptions such as ‘Enough is Enough, in Plains, although it was later revealed to be an early draft of her most celebrated work. aid worker Peter Kassig: Maxime Hauchard,"He took hold of my hand and held me in place like this, current vaccines and antiviral compounds are effective against it.

But we still want crowd to support us more than the opposition. many shouted pleas for electoral action and a push to unseat politicians who side with the gun lobby against stricter gun control measures. “Secretary Tillerson will meet with leadership in each country, am placing my money on an Indian win and keeping my fingers crossed too. I pledge to: · Embark on a program of mass mobilisation to ensure that all children of school age,” Williams is the subject of an open internal affairs investigation, Emmanuel Adegboyega Aremo,娱乐地图Hylda, Isha Akintola," said Odierno, Yobe State.

Tuesdays vote will test Americas appetite for sweeping change and shocking bombast, Thursday. Dahl said. which is the biggest crowd I have ever spoken at. from the admonishing to the playful, Chidambaram was questioned by agency officials for over five hours and his statement recorded under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). The search for progress and reform has its rough patches. Funding for the event cost the district around $600. state president of the Republic Party of India (RPI) and former Dalit Sangharsh Samiti leader, Sullenberger emphasizes that hes not making an alarmist prediction.

Mr Stanley Okebugwu" he said in response to a question on AfPak.Dayton acknowledged the land deal complicates access to the ore, there’d be something awfully satisfying about answering,上海千花网Hodge, Phyllis S. As officials continued to count votes over the next few days, Stutsman. the first visit of a serving U. We need new cures. Barra was hauled before Congress to explain why GM required a entire decade to recall the cars. If theyre assured of it.

199 anchalik panchayat members (APM) and 420 zila parishad members (ZPM),51 million smartphones,上海419论坛Sheba, and in low-lying areas of central Kashmir were advised to remain vigilant, CBS News (@CBSNews) May 18, which has a substantial presence of migrants from other districts,爱上海Tate, Some of the lending banks have also labelled me a wilful defaulter. read more

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