recently, the city of Xining City District Health and food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, Education Bureau of the joint inspection of school canteens and campus canteens, area schools and nurseries in the canteen, water supply facilities, classrooms, school health, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, acute infectious disease early prevention work. The inspection team ordered the rectification of some of the problems of the school, while the development of food hygiene and safety education.

through the scene view, the inspection team believes that the city campus and the surrounding food hygiene system sound, food can be purchased in accordance with the formal channels, and can do cable card, ticket, account details clear. But there are also some private kindergarten canteen area is not standard, operation between heaps of debris, not according to the procedure for food samples; part of the campus gate as well as sales of "three noes" of the food shops.

the next step, the city will increase the supervision of the campus food hygiene and safety work for the children to create a good growth, learning environment. (author: Wu Yachun)