Based on interviews with some time ago, in December 26th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection again convened by the Secretary of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection were interviewed, to further strengthen the supervision responsibility, clear responsibilities and tasks, the implementation of the work requirements, urge the County Commission for Discipline Inspection on the work of investigating the case determined, the real, the main focus of the main responsibility for the implementation of the "three" requirement, to "downsizing" turn "and" new ideas and new initiatives to carry the discipline supervision responsibility. Municipal Committee, discipline committee secretary Ma Haiying personally interviewed and further implement the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the specific requirements. Ma Haiying put forward five requirements in the interview: a clear responsibility. The County Commission for Discipline Inspection to understand the anti-corruption situation, increase the intensity of investigating cases, change the idea, fully implement the "three" of the objectives and tasks, focused on investigating the case, the main business focus, for their own responsibility fields, smitten punishing corruption, to ensure that the investigation work has made new breakthroughs. Two to build mechanisms. District Commission for Discipline Inspection to further strengthen the handling of the case, in the case of the quality of the case and the township to play a role in the role of the district play a new breakthrough. Superior discipline inspection of the case must be handled within the prescribed time limit, and effectively improve the quality and efficiency of handling cases. Three to correct the four winds". To persevere correct four winds, relaxation and endless is the wind Su Ji, perfect style building long-term mechanism, strictly implement the provisions of the eight Central and provincial measures, staring important nodes, increase the supervision and efforts to inform the exposure, form a strong deterrent, play the role of warning and education, the style of construction, become the new normal air plant. Four to strict accountability. To establish responsibility investigation mechanism, strict implementation of the "Interim Provisions on the implementation of Party and government leading cadres of accountability, not in reporting interviews instead of accountability, to complete the investigation of discipline cadres in a specified time, strictly implement a case of double check case reporting requirements, to implement the party secretary and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission signed endorsement, do selves. Fifth, strong team. To strengthen the contingent of investigators, improve the handling capacity and handling level. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should complete with strong team of investigators, investigators to strengthen personnel training, strengthen the management and supervision of personnel, and effectively improve the ability to discipline investigating cases according to law.