with the rising popularity of the United States of Qinghai, more and more foreigners come to visit Qinghai, "12th Five-Year" during the period of the province’s tourism will achieve double goals, star hotel construction is one of the important content to realize the multiplication. This year, the province’s new construction, above the four star hotels reached 28, of which five star 9.

it is understood that the city of Xining as the province’s tourism distribution center and destination, tourism reception supply and demand contradiction, the tourist season often appear hard to find a phenomenon. Above this year our province built four star hotel, Hotel Ontario Xing Ding has been put into trial operation, an important destination for Qilian tourism line, Qilian county has more than Menyuan 5 four star hotels under construction. From the province’s view, the social forces to invest in the construction of high star hotel tourism, private economy has become the backbone of investment in the construction of star hotels. 28 more than four star hotel will be in the 12th Five-Year period has been put into operation, will greatly alleviate the pressure on the province’s Hotel needs.

according to the Provincial Tourism Bureau, provincial tourism department to support the development of encouraging social forces to invest in the tourism industry, tourism management departments will provide consulting services and evaluation standards for the construction of high star hotel, will be rewarded for investment of more than four star hotel. The area to speed up the hotel hardware construction at the same time, we should pay more attention to the hotel management level, to encourage the introduction of well-known hotel management hotel management company, in line with domestic and foreign well-known brands in the hotel business philosophy, service quality, fine management, promoting the province’s overall level of hotel service industry promotion. (author: Fang Xu)