Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang presided over the meeting and made an important speech

8 2, the Chinese Communist Party of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous Committee of the fourteen plenary meeting held in the County Convention Center in.

meeting conveyed the spirit of the Twelfth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party of Qinghai and the spirit of the spirit of the city’s thirteen plenary meeting of the five Xining. Han Shengcai, deputy secretary of the county committee, the County Committee on behalf of the county Standing Committee on the county’s economic and social development in the first half made a comprehensive analysis, and clearly put forward the main objectives of the second half of the economic work and specific measures.


meeting chaired by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, Yan Shujiang on behalf of the county Party Committee Standing Committee made an important speech.

Yan Shujiang stressed the opportunity to grasp the situation, strengthen the sense of urgency to accelerate development and a sense of crisis; cultivate and promote the spirit of Datong, a solid grasp of the second half of the focus; strengthen the party construction and promote the implementation of cadres style change and work, with outstanding achievements to the eighteen Party’s gift.

Deputy Secretary of the county, county magistrate Han Shengcai for the first half of the economic and social development analysis

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