this year, Datong County actively respond to the financial crisis and the impact of various policy measures, and unswervingly promote the expansion of domestic demand, structural adjustment, economic growth, people’s livelihood and stability, the county economy to achieve stable and rapid development in the high starting point on the basis of.

(a) agricultural production situation is good, land transfer income obvious. 1-5 months, the total sown area of crops was 677 thousand and 800 mu, all kinds of livestock herds 745 thousand and 900 (only), 351 thousand and 700 slaughter (only), the production of 17 thousand and 100 tons of meat, eggs and milk 23 thousand and 600 tons; 22 thousand and 800 acres and the pest (Times), 1 million 226 thousand head of cattle vaccine injection (only); circulation of 50 thousand and 100 acres of land, involving 14 thousand and 400 households, the land transfer income 17 million 71 thousand and 300 yuan.

(two) industrial economy is running smoothly, the investment effect is remarkable. 1-5 months, the county completed a total industrial added value of 2 billion 584 million yuan, an increase of 16.67%, of which: Enterprises above Designated Size added value of $2 billion 433 million, an increase of 16.72%. Cumulative total industrial output value of 7 billion 647 million yuan, an increase of 8.5%. By the end of May a total investment of 909 million yuan of investment projects, focusing on the implementation of the SME business park, Yong Sheng new wall, electronic waste recycling processing and other industrial projects of environmental protection. At the same time, during the period of "Green Fair successfully signed Qinghai aluminum high-tech industrialization projects and daily processing 1 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas project, signed a total of 11 billion yuan.

(three) investment in fixed assets increased steadily, the successful implementation of the project construction. 1-5 months, the cumulative total investment in fixed assets 1 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 12.1%. 2012, the county plans to invest 177 construction projects, plans to invest $4 billion 250 million. By the end of May, has started construction of 120, completed 11 projects, complete the objectives and tasks of 23.8%. One of the 12 items of agriculture and animal husbandry, 17 water projects, 6 traffic projects have been started construction.

(four) growth of the consumer market steady, price index rebounded. 1-5 months, the consumer goods market continued to grow, total retail sales of social consumer goods totaled 444 million yuan, an increase of 15.80%. The simultaneous development of urban and rural consumer goods market, the retail price of 276 million yuan, respectively, $168 million, an increase of 16.60% and 14.51%. At the end of May, the consumer price index was 100.5 QoQ, up 102.4, tired than 101.7, the price index rebounded last month.

(five) steady growth in fiscal revenue, the financial situation is running smoothly. 1-5 months, the cumulative completion of the local general budget revenue of 181 million 360 thousand yuan for the annual budget;