according to the chairman of the Qinghai province salt industry Limited by Share Ltd Liu Jiyue said, Qinghai occupies 70% salt market in Qinghai province salt industry Limited by Share Ltd will be unified brand, new packaging, since August 15th debut in Xining major super next year to enter the national market.

for thousands of years, the tea card halitum with good quality, pure taste is well known in the world. However, the influence is located in remote, market management and other factors, in the local famous tea cards salt has been "raised in purdah did not know". At the same time, enterprises in product variety, brand, packaging, marketing and other aspects of the relative lag, the core value of the brand is fuzzy, brand identity identification, packaging visual system is not unified, to a certain extent restricted the promotion and sale of tea cards salt "brand.

with the new national salt industry reform policies introduced, Qinghai salt industry actively, relying on high-quality resources of Saline Lake tea card richly endowed by nature build an annual output of 150 thousand tons, more varieties of salt, and in the development of new products, product packaging, product quality improvement and upgrading has done a lot of work. The new navy Daqing salt, salt, natural salt and other 12 products are from an altitude of 3100 meters of pure natural and pollution-free tea card ten thousand years ago in Saline Lake, Saline Lake natural crystal native big grain of salt as raw materials, based on maintaining and does not destroy the original trace elements, after the current salt industry’s most advanced process fine, quality, the original ecology of the physical process and processing. The product size, color sense, etc. improve the physicochemical index of all, better than the national quality standard of salt. Compared with the old products, new product packaging to Daqing salt, tea card Saline Lake blue tones, through the origin of the tea card Saline Lake pure natural reproduction of the scene, extract the visual culture gene of unity, to create high altitude, no pollution, pure natural salt brand, fully embodies the essence and characteristics of green salt, laid a solid foundation for the establishment of Qinghai belongs to the national brand of salt. The next step, Qinghai salt industry will further increase the structural adjustment, product development and brand building efforts, accelerate product upgrading, expand product applications, adhere to the market demand, develop more marketable salt products.