what kind of food and beverage brand is called the heart to do consumers like satisfactory meal? What kind of food and beverage brand can be regarded as a health food consumption, it must be strange Beijing roast duck. Why do you say that? Read the following introduction you will know.

Beijing’s Roasted Duck by halogen Zhai dozens of precious Chinese medicine carey material, scientific formula, timing of curing, high temperature 200C pressure, explosion roasted, fragrant (hundreds of meters can not Xiangpiao! Site visits, on-site tasting, disguising!), delicious, crisp outside, tender, crisp and refreshing fragrance, food after digestion with gas, spleen appetizer, strong gluten, beauty beauty, anti-aging performance, welcomed by the vast number of consumers. So, how about Beijing’s spiced roast duck?

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strange halogen duck a vegetarian heritage century classic, modern fashion, healthy new roast duck flavor, known as the "Chinese duck endorsement of the new generation of food", also known as the "best small business investment model", "such as the night suddenly spring to eat together, high streets and back lanes to the" shop on fire, more fire, in a few months time has become one of the most popular features of the most popular, the most simple, duck delicacy project.

strange vegetarian roast duck how to brine through raw material selection, cleaning, proportioning, seasoning, pickled, tasty, grilled 18 processes, each process is three points and then Seiko secret agents, particularly adding ginseng, pseudo ginseng, eucommia, medlar, Radix Codonopsis, tangerine peel and other 21 kinds of rare natural herbs, to Millennium ancient health blend of modern nutrition and health science, Peru, color, flavor and shape and taste, is tasty, into the eyes, stomach, heart.

strange vegetarian roast duck tastes a lot of brine, salty, sweet, spicy, sour, and fruit flavor, tea flavor and other dozens, meet the range of diners taste buds demand, so special, exquisite, and rich natural attracted diners. The smell of attraction, eating obsessed, intoxicated thinking — you don’t eat, do not know how beautiful! You do not line up, you can not enjoy the world must taste strange! Vegetarian duck unique delicious brine seize countless consumers stomach, unlimited business opportunities attract countless entrepreneurs eyes. Now on the investment, quickly open the market, enjoy the delicious wealth of the cause of it!

investment in Beijing strange pot roast duck?

Beijing spiced roast duck has the following advantages:

1. super flexible mode of operation, stalls, carts, take away, still hot business;

2. free professional training to teach you the selection, formulation, production, supply of core ingredients;

3. shop rent and staff salaries can be ignored, whether the store can operate;