now many families love to buy some fashion in daily life Home Furnishing decorations, driven by the continuous progress and development of the market of bamboo crafts, bamboo crafts mainly refers to the bamboo carving, painting and other art and crafts. Bamboo craft is different from the general carpentry crafts, bamboo crafts prior to cooking and drying, the use of the term is far more than wooden products. Due to the unique characteristics of bamboo has been firm and indomitable, has always been respected by the literati, so the bamboo crafts wood crafts more popular and favorite.

Shuangqiang bamboo and Wood Technology Co Ltd is the first brand China bamboo tableware, July 15, 1995 formally established in Zhejiang qingyuan. The main products include craft chopsticks, chopping boards, toothpicks, bamboo charcoal, cotton swabs, bamboo furniture, etc.. The craft chopsticks, toothpicks and chopping in Chinese nearly 10000 supermarkets occupancy rate has exceeded 50%, the total retail sales of more than 1 billion, the average sales accounted for more than 20% of the classification, is really a thriving bamboo tableware companies.