How intelligent

Tongli Home Furnishing? Good market opportunities, the best choice to be trusted. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, to choose to join the smart Home Furnishing Tongli? Good project good choice. If you join the project of intelligent Home Furnishing Tongli, is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

Tongli intelligent Home Furnishing franchise? No matter when and where, Home Furnishing is always a market of business opportunities, unlimited wealth market, as long as they can in the market under the foot of neutral, and continuous innovation, to create a better future wealth. Tongli smart is targeting this market, and the advent of intelligent Home Furnishing control system, it is the first step towards the rule of market intelligence Home Furnishing


Tongli Tongli intelligent intelligent Home Furnishing franchise? Home Furnishing system join support:

1. technology and service support

provide pre-sales technical support and after-sales service.

technical training and engineering implementation of the agents.

2. product support

to provide users with the necessary products and industry-leading technology

3. sales support

Tongli company will cooperate with the agents to develop business development plans, and provide appropriate support and services.

The implementation of the regional

Tongli only agency in various regional sales agents in principle, to help control the local market price, so as to obtain huge profit.

provide effective sales training. For excellent agents, will also provide free sales skills, marketing, management and other aspects of training.

4. market support

provides product catalogue and brochure, demo board, report the market competition analysis scheme and the successful case, market sales tools.

provides strong advertising and marketing activities.

Tongli intelligent Home Furnishing

trusted you to join the project, is also very exciting? An open their own intelligent Tongli Home Furnishing stores, the shop is made! Business is good, worthy of trust, worthy of our attention, it is worth joining!