in order to promote the development of regional economy, many people will pay attention to a different experience, the majority of consumers are optimistic about. In recent years, Anhui Province, Chuzhou City, vigorously implement the innovation driven development strategy to industrial transformation and upgrading as the goal, the policy system to support the construction, grasp the innovation and innovation, innovation has become a powerful driving force for economic transformation and upgrading of Chuzhou, the main innovation and development indicators into the forefront of the province.

innovation platform constantly emerging stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity

in Chuzhou high tech Innovation Service Center reporter saw, where there are more than 40 thousand square meters of incubation site, the center set up a hatch of the 300 units, can accommodate the development of 150 entrepreneurial enterprises park. According to the relevant person in charge of the center Dong Liangzhong, currently the center has 108 enterprises in the incubation, there are 9 companies have been hatched, the center of entrepreneurship incubator enterprises to provide one-stop service.

from the park to apply for consulting, industrial and commercial administrative procedures, technical docking, science and technology projects at all levels of reporting, business training and other arrangements for all-weather tracking coordination. According to the practical problems of enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship, combining the individuality and commonness technical service needs of enterprises, to provide enterprises with science and technology plan declaration, the implementation of preferential policies, technology demand collection of scientific and technological achievements, publishing, science and technology, financial management training, entrepreneurial guidance and other value-added services. At the same time, we also encourage enterprises to go out, organize enterprises to actively participate in a number of innovation and entrepreneurship competition, investment projects focused on various activities, such as docking docking activities, promotional activities."

Chuzhou micro tour technology company is in the enlightenment star Incubation Platform of enterprises in incubation of founder Zhu Qijun is a Chuzhou native, from Konka company left has been back and forth on the road of entrepreneurship, has created the Chuzhou local life portal – Chuzhou E , started 13 UAV project, began to develop mobile phone game now. Enlightenment star incubator platform in the provision of office equipment, project roadshow, entrepreneurship exchanges have given great help."

at present, Chuzhou has built a total of 2 National Science and technology incubators, 8 national, provincial and municipal public space, the first batch of 3 enterprises to enter the National Star create heaven and earth program.

in the development of enterprises, innovation and development can bring enough power to the enterprise, it is worth more people’s attention. Chuzhou is the "big package" birthplace, this land has been the reform and innovation of excellent genes. In Chuzhou people’s hearts, grasping innovation, innovation is the fundamental driving force to promote the development of Chuzhou.

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