2015 is known as the first year of entrepreneurship, after a year of development, the future development trend of entrepreneurship has gradually emerged. The Internet allows the traditional industry to radiate new vitality, but also allow many industries began to walk on stranger. The following six industries will be completely shuffle.

P2P mostly die

2014 fund, the bank in 2015, under the impact of the Internet has been unable to lie down to make money, by the year 2016, the insurance company will follow the footsteps of fund companies and banks. The theoretical basis of the insurance company is the law of large numbers, facing the surging tide of big data, will have those big data companies have a greater ability to deliver better insurance products, loss of competitiveness will make some insurance companies encountered hitherto unknown difficulties, while a large number of insurance companies will reach a close cooperative relationship with the Internet financial platform reduce the cost greatly, many insurance, people will greatly enhance the awareness of the insured, the insurance industry will usher in the outbreak period, but many brokers may not have high returns.