for more entrepreneurs, everything is difficult to start the first difficulty is the problem of insufficient funds. In this regard, the city of Chengdu through financial security guarantees, leveraging social capital investment, to help more people solve the problem of venture capital.

with money, our platform will soon be on the line." The woods and partners in the planning business, did not expect so soon on the right track, held in the days before the "Jing Rong Hui" innovation special, they develop health data platform to obtain about 20000000 yuan investment intentions, thus leave the road of entrepreneurship.

Rong Rong Hui is the Sichuan city in February last year, starting from the entrepreneurial theme of the event, has been held more than and 100 sessions, attracting more than 300 investment institutions, more than 6 thousand and 200 teams to participate in interactive. "Jing Rong Hui" invited entrepreneurs to share the successful experience, business mentor training camp held, and through entrepreneurship open, micro roadshow and other forms of investment for entrepreneurs docking angel. As of mid April, to participate in the Ching Rong exchange roadshow venture projects have received a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan intention.

entrepreneurship is a race, has not run out." This sentence is written on the wall of Optics Valley coffee. Founded only a year, which is located in the town of Chengdu, Rong Rong business incubator has more than and 200 entrepreneurial team. We expand the area to the original 3 times or less." Li Ruxiong, head of the incubator is not without emotion, surging wave of entrepreneurship in Chengdu, because the city can help entrepreneurs run the first bar". In Jing Rong town as an example, the entrepreneurial team not only from the first 3 years of rent, but also by the operating subsidy per year, up to 2 million yuan.

some of the major diseases that need a few days to confirm the diagnosis, the future depends on a biological agent can shorten the time to less than an hour. "This is a burn out." More than and 40 year old Li Jun hair a little gray, he joked that this is because of the money worry white. Li Jun led the entrepreneurial team of color, sophisticated, many of them at home and abroad, dr.. But the field of research and development of large investment, long cycle, the shortage of funds so that Li Jun was on the verge of despair. He quickly beat a retreat, the Chengdu Municipal Science and Technology Bureau "by a loan project staff led the bank in charge came to the door. After several rounds of talks, Li Jun got 2 million 500 thousand yuan loan branch".

start-up technology companies often face a lack of collateral loans bottleneck. Chengdu through financial capital guarantees, leveraging social capital investment. "Win the loan project to 100 million yuan of financial funds as collateral, banks and other institutions jointly set up the financing risk pool of funds, credit funds 2 billion 200 million yuan. At the end of last year, the branch loan has accumulated more than 140 enterprises to provide credit, intellectual property rights and equity pledge loans of nearly 400 million yuan. A "branch loan", Li Jun’s team entrepreneurship through winter, at the end of last year has made a major breakthrough in molecular disease detection, get $1 million angel investment. Recommended