retail business, often do not have cash registers, an inattentive may receive counterfeit money. So, we open the door 365 days retail business, inevitably there will be received counterfeit money. I receive one hundred yuan counterfeit money before, will not eat, sleep well for several days, but also because of excessive tension and incorrect, wrong money, resulting in today’s troubles caused by mistakes tomorrow".

later, in order to learn a lesson, I came up with an idea: to receive the counterfeit money into "specimen", the pressure in the glass under the cashier. To do so, on the one hand you can always remind yourself to guard against counterfeit money, on the other hand, can not accurately determine whether the case of counterfeit money received contrast.

business, I have to learn to ask, to the relevant personnel often ask how to identify counterfeit money. Now a lot of counterfeit money can almost real, but there will always be flaws. If you find the receipt of the money is really suspicious, it is necessary to further examine carey.

at the same time, I pay more attention to "money" this link. When I receive a suspicious coin, I compare it with experience and skill. If it is a counterfeit money, I will tell the customer the truth, and communicate with him to identify skills to prevent unnecessary losses in the future, but also to avoid the embarrassment of trading. Moreover, I would encourage customers to give counterfeit money to banks or public security organs, so as not to flow into the market, to bring trouble and trouble to others.

precisely because there is such a counterfeit specimen, so that I have a more comprehensive understanding of counterfeit money, the probability of receiving counterfeit money is reduced. Slowly, I received counterfeit money less and less. In this regard, my "counterfeit coins" work! Until the right time, I will receive the counterfeit money to the relevant agencies or departments.