as an entrepreneur, college students are a special group, these people, relatively speaking, there is no social experience, the lack of venture capital. However, the success of college students is not a few examples. So, how can students be more successful?

1, a world – start empty-handed is to accumulate the accumulation model of the evolution of

2, standing on the shoulders of giants — its business model

if the students in the future of independent business for the purpose of employment, first of all to make the right choice. Make full use of the platform resources of the company or enterprise, make and accumulate the human resources and other resources. Even if it is more mature, do not blindly and urgently from this platform. Try to use the existing platform for their own resources to do something, first in the business, to make their own career foundation, and other aspects of the conditions are fully mature, and then create their own career.

and personal business compared to the franchise for college student entrepreneurs provide existing brand and standardized operation mode, perfect market mechanism and a series of mature business model. It shares the brand resources, the sharing of business know-how, sharing of resources to support the characteristics of College entrepreneurs to save a lot of entrepreneurial trouble, and improve the entrepreneurial success probability.

3, Great trees are good for shade. — incubation mode

if you have made a determination of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship competition will provide training opportunities for you and the stage show, you can use this platform to the familiar business procedure, reserve entrepreneurial knowledge and experience, and social contact and understanding. Business incubator is a fertile ground for college students to start their own businesses because of their good physical space and service system.