to build a solid house, first of all to the real infrastructure of the firm, in the same way, the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to work better, Nanchong has been building a solid foundation, to create a good business environment for more entrepreneurs.

3 on the morning of 11 August, Nanchong municipal Party committee assistant deputy secretary Chen Guanghao in the research of science and technology and the "double" I work, attaches great importance to the work of science and technology, with good policies and resources, vigorously promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, transformation and development and lay a solid foundation for a new round of innovation driven.

in the subsequent meeting of the forum, Chen Guanghao pointed out that technological innovation is an important force to support and lead the economic and social development, the city should attach great importance to the work of science and technology, with the forward-looking work for the long-term development of Nanchong. The city of science and technology and the relevant departments, the county (city, district) to scientific layout, accelerate the construction of regional innovation, as the main innovation platform; to actively strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutes, universities, enterprises, inside and outside, creating multi-party cooperation, promote the innovation of resource integration, the innovation platform is the and supporting each other.

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