in the process of economic development, timely summary of the local economic situation, can be a good understanding of the specific problems, to be able to timely and effective treatment. Let us look at the following, 1-4 months in Deyang City Economic Stabilization and recovery based on the specific phenomenon is not solid.

1-4 months, Deyang City, basically stable economy, investment and consumption to maintain rapid growth momentum, fiscal revenue growth rate slightly increased, but the industrial economic growth has declined, exports and imports fell sharply reduced greatly, new loans, Deyang economic "recovery" is not solid, downward pressure is still large.

first, the characteristics of economic operation (a) industrial production growth fell

1-4 month Deyang industrial added value grew by 7.9%, down from the previous month by 0.4 percentage points. Growth rate of 0.2 percentage points higher than in Sichuan province (7.7%), ranking Sichuan Province, the last month, down by 3 place in.

traditional industries produce mixed. 1-4 months, Deyang machinery, chemical industry production stability, an increase of 8.9%, respectively, an increase of 8.5%, respectively, down from the previous month, by 0.3 percentage points. Medicine, building materials production situation is good, an increase of 17.5%, respectively, an increase of more than the same period, to maintain the "digital" growth of more than two, respectively, higher than the growth rate of the industry in Deyang city of 9.6, 6.6 percentage points.

food industry is still negative growth. 1-4 months, affected by the Shifang cigarette factory production decline, the food industry in Deyang city fell 2.9%, a decline of more than 1.9 percentage points last month to expand.

emerging industry growth continues to improve. 1-4 months, Deyang strategic emerging industries industrial added value grew by 10.7%, the growth rate increased by 1.5 percentage points higher than the previous month, higher than the growth rate of industrial growth in Deyang by 2.8 percentage points. Among them, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry grew by 18.2%, bio industry grew by 16.9%, energy saving and environmental protection industry grew by 24.7%, new energy vehicles increased by 16.1%.

industrial benefits fell. 1-3 months, Deyang above scale industrial profits grew by 6.9%, down 1-2 percentage points over the month of, total profit and tax grew by 4.3%, down 1-2 percentage points compared with the month.

(two) investment to maintain a rapid growth of

1-4 months, the whole city of Deyang fixed asset investment completed 33 billion 190 million yuan, an increase of 17.3%, the growth rate down by 0.8 percentage points over the same period last year, an increase of 7.3 percentage points. Total investment ranks thirteenth in Sichuan Province, the growth rate ranks third in Sichuan Province, more than Sichuan province by 4.5 percentage points.