has always been concerned about the quality of life of people in many cities, many people do not live in the house, are living in tents. In Huaibei, shed reform work to get people’s attention. Dwelling in the residential density, dilapidated, low wet and very dilapidated shanty town residents, moved into the new building is a long wish. Inadequate infrastructure, housing and other issues of the past, to bring inconvenience to the lives of the masses, and shantytowns is undoubtedly a good opportunity to improve the living environment.

2016, Anhui Province, Huaibei municipal Party committee, municipal government will work as a shed for the benefit of the people of the "popular project" to realistically grasp, penggai included in the city’s "nine key projects", "the oath in two years ago in 13th Five-Year to complete the built-up area shantytowns plan. To win the fight to win the battle to change the tent, adhere to the precise force planning, precise force propaganda, precise force financing, precise force to move, precise force placement, precise force huimin.

completed the "impossible task"

said Huaibei shed change, Huaibei city penggai headquarters office director Yang Yongchao presented a set of data: by the end of 2016, the actual shantytowns started 48501 units, complete province issued a task of 13142 sets of 369.1%; and low-income housing in shantytowns basically completed 27566 units, completed, up to the task of 8500 sets of 324.3%, started construction the basic rate, completion rate of the province ranked first.

and a year’s time, Huaibei commodity housing stocks from the end of 2015 to 2016 square meters by the end of 800 thousand square meters, to shorten the cycle to only a mere eight months. Huaibei municipal Party committee secretary Huang Xiaowu believes that shed changed to promote the real estate inventory, promote the steady economic growth, the creation of the Huaibei brand.

can be said that the Huaibei shed changed to complete the impossible task, these highlights how to achieve it? Li Jianhua, director of the Huaibei Municipal Housing Authority seems, Huaibei shed changed far ahead of the experience summed up the two key words, that is, since the Reform Commission and purchase vouchers".

dwelling in a dark and humid place to live, will give people’s health has brought serious danger, so that people see the importance of the studio to change the work. Huaibei penggai always adhere to strict planning, leading in the shantytowns and optimize the layout of the city, improve the city function, promote coordinated economic development combined with the scientific planning of land use, integrate with the urban function improvement, reasonable arrangement of construction land, promote the intensive development of the city.