in the daily life of a region’s economic development, we can not do without the concerted effort, but also inseparable from the quality of enterprises! Recently, Zhangzhou "promotion of modern service industry in Xiangcheng District of key investment projects" in Zhanglong Logistics Park held in Xiamen and other places, attracting hundreds of well-known enterprises in modern service industry. The beautiful village of cold chain logistics base, Wuzhou City, cargo warehousing services, business around Pinxiu public record service, EA trade warehousing base and nine nest music bar, earth studios, Siyuan technology research and development, environmental protection products in the cloud platform construction and other 9 projects signed on the spot, contract total amount of 1 billion 141 million yuan.

vigorously build Zhangzhou, attracting foreign capital to achieve remarkable results, whether for the local economic development or the improvement of people’s living standards, are of great significance! Focus on the promotion of advanced service industry in this location area, launched a total of 5 key projects involving regional logistics, finance, business, cultural and creative industries for investment, including the Zhangzhou cultural tourism, the ancient city of Zhangzhou hot springs as the representative of the modern service industry investment project. It is reported that the Xiangcheng District will be the focus of the modern service industry investment project promotion as a starting point, the annual planning held 10 special investment promotion, promote the Xiangcheng investment fast track".

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