is now a lot of people see others doing business to make money, they want to do, however, not only can not eat bitter, but also face afraid of making a fool of themselves, so how to do business success? "The drama is singing in the village, I want to go to the fair and a little, be afraid. Because it is the first time to do business in such an occasion, and most of the faces of acquaintances, strange embarrassed." One day, the old man said to me.

do business do not steal do not grab, rely on self-reliance, hard-working rich, will not make a fool of themselves ah! However, the words of Lao Zhang is not unreasonable, because I just opened the shop is also a little bit not suited, afraid of acquaintances to buy things when they make mistakes and make a fool of oneself……

actually, Ganchang child thing I did. That was 10 years ago, I did not do business experience, but also with the help of my mother, I slowly come out from embarrassment and shyness, dare to promote their goods. Today, the reception of all kinds of customers, my heart is also more and more powerful, and finally not afraid of the.

also reminds me of the experience of selling milk after I graduated from college. One day, we went out on a street to promote the outdoors, the manager handed me a big horn, let me call out promotional slogans and incentives. First, I didn’t dare shout out, but the manager and colleagues all cried out, finally I encouraged to speak out promotional content.

I told all of these previous experiences, and said a lot of encouragement and encouragement, and finally gave up his concerns. Maybe with the growth of the age, the customer has rarely heard my "puff" sound, but years of business confidence and experience told me that as long as the shops on the bold move, don’t be afraid of "fool", this is also a business person should have the courage and boldness. I wonder if you agree with me?

in fact, not only do business should be, we need to have in life to carry forward the "no shame" spirit, it will make the achievement of higher, earn more wealth, the ultimate success of a big enterprise, it can create their own extraordinary good future.