new year is almost, want to start the business friends want to do what business, small series to bring you the most worthy of entrepreneurship in 2012 a few projects, we go to see it!

barbecue, as a kind of food, by the majority of the urban youth favored urban high streets and back lanes everywhere, the baked goods, nothing more than two kinds of meat and vegetables, varieties and tastes are very simple. If you do not have their own characteristics, it is easy to be eliminated by the fierce competition. The fruit is barbecue, barbecue replacement products, but also eat the fruit offbeat varieties; novelty, unique taste, a flower is the barbecue industry; especially for the beauty of women is thin, and can meet the demand of the leisure food.

For many years has been the development of

Analysis to 1 pounds of green pear 1 yuan

new opportunities

"this crystal chandelier looks elegant, but due to its complex structure, installed in the ceiling, cleaning is very convenient……" Told reporters in the town a crystal lamp Salesroom strobe lights consumers Zhou Yi, vendors do not provide related services, chose a lamp has the advantages of simple structure, easy disassembly and cleaning.

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