no matter what we decide to venture capital investment, only a more comprehensive analysis, to be able to know whether such a business in the end is correct, whether there will be a development of the market. So, the University City to sell adult supplies? Let’s analyze it together.

The sale of

Adult supplies, looking for a young people gathered in venues such as university city, especially young people, it is best to have a number of more than 50 thousand, there is a distance from the city, the surrounding facilities is not perfect the better.

Why is

doing this? Young people in the University Town, convenient push and delivery, there is a distance from the city, university city itself inadequate facilities, is the hope that young people choose not to buy in Adult supplies, while the consumer site to determine the relative, basically all in schools around the hotel, travel agency, guesthouse, hotel and other places, entrepreneurs can also consider to distribution, the boss has become their own dealers.

in the University City to choose a relatively convenient inventory and delivery center and the local office of the sale of Adult supplies, do a trading platform, personal advice is patted store, like micro mall can, as for how to do the promotion, this is a technology live, personally feel that a single, similar to room card the name card can also put two-dimensional code printed on the mall, to ensure customer privacy can do more articles for online orders, the shortest delivery time.

as for the purchase channels, personally feel that in the case of ensuring the quality of adult products, from the wholesale market, online shopping can be, and do not need too much pressure goods, purchase is very convenient.

is a simple account, assuming that the target population of fifty thousand people, ten thousand people have to buy your products in your store every month on average, assuming the average 50 yuan a month is 500 thousand, according to 100% of the net profit is 250 thousand, assuming a small team of five people a monthly salary of 50 thousand, ten people. Each of the 25 thousand is good now, even if the purchase by the number of only 5000 orders, ten people to a monthly salary of 12 thousand and 500, compared with the ordinary wage earners are also good.

so, if you have such a business plan, it is very worthwhile to put into practical action, the market potential is unlimited, unlimited wealth, natural selection. Of course, if you are now looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, then might as well sell adult products in the University city.

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