everyone concerned about fashion, want to open a clothing store to capture the wealth of opportunities is not simple, if you still think that waiting to open a home store business is equivalent to the beginning of the entrepreneurial life, then you are wrong.

now shop, unlike in the past, as long as the lot is good a little afraid of no business. Now the number of shops in each regional market, the growth of geometric multiples, but there is no growth in consumer groups, contrary to the general decline in purchasing power.

so fierce competition era, if you still stay in the finish shop, waiting for customers to buy, and then sit back and enjoy a fortune ", suggest that you don’t open the

as early as possible!

—– manager many are complaining about, no customers into the store, less traffic, no way ah. Including many city managers, but also complain about the market no one, no one in the store. So where are our customers and what are we doing when there are no customers in the store?

1) selling: looking for customers, selling products to customers;

2) marketing: let the customer initiative to find you;

3), such as: keep in the store, such as customer door;

we store most often do is third "pin". As a result, there are several complaints in the shopping guide, the three common complaints emerged.

1, strange customers: often hear the city manager and clerk said: "no one in the mall, how to do?"

moment, everyone seems to be on this question. In fact, the problem is very simple. No one on the floor does not represent the floor, no one on the floor does not mean no one shopping malls, shopping malls no one does not mean no one outside the mall, no one outside the mall does not mean no one else.

2, strange weather: bad weather, rain, snow will not have customers into the store

3, blame the boss: nothing to blame the blame that strange, and finally blame the boss, the boss what is not good, the company is not good, go!