it is well known that the grain is a well-known consumer goods of modern health, then you know the grain are five kinds of grain, respectively? Commonly used in modern Chinese, generally refers to the grain of rice, wheat, soybean, corn, potato, also used to other than rice and flour as food grains, and grain also refers to food crops, grain crops and so collectively. Grains and grains are necessary to people’s lives, to ensure people’s health, loved by the people.

How about the

grain ruminate porridge for breakfast? How many projects do you want to join? What does it have to join?

The Zhaoqing Valley is referenced

ruminate Catering Chain Management Co., Ltd is under the brand name, the Hongkong Valley Weijia international catering Group Holdings Limited subsidiary company, is a collection research and development, food technology, food and beverage items franchise cereals products research and development and chain management for the integrated training manager catering management company. There’s a three grain chain restaurant brands are: City, valley and valley plain ruminate Lixiang Su bun. Before the establishment of the company in the city, Lixiang Su Valley ruminate bun, plain valley power products raw materials and production process of the research and development process and experiment for 7 years, advocating "grain without adding, health and health, tradition and fashion, fast and delicious" food culture, finally pushed out "the thought". "Gu Su Lixiang bun", "plain valley power" of the three major cereal brands, healthy diet eight series, about 1200 grains without adding a variety of health care products! Do you cereals the breakfast porridge to join ruminate how much money



grain ruminate breakfast porridge need only a few million yuan to join, join a good brand is worth to join, let you open a hot breakfast cereals the ruminate porridge, but also can get the following support:

1, help find store and evaluation;

2, free store design;

3, free decoration team;

4, free recruitment assistance;

5, free seven day store management, sales and technical training;

6, free of charge to provide product design;

7, provide comprehensive business support and promotion support;

8, provide shop assistants and support;

9, free online support and technical training;