in the streets of many cities there are a number of self-help adult supplies store, the sale of such independent business? Mr. Huang in Kunming on the opening of 15 self-help adult supplies store, harvest, so he is confident of this entrepreneurial project.

in Kunming Yongkang Road, Xishan District Aizhong medical clinics across a 24 hour nobody self-service vending Adult supplies stores, attracted many passers-by onlookers. The owner Mr. Huang introduced, this shop is his fifteenth in Kunming opened an adult supplies store, which has a variety of advantages of the store has been favored by adults. Next, he plans to increase the store and its functions.


interviewed several passers-by said, this shop is open 24 hours a day, and the price tag, nobody, into the store shopping is convenient, and can protect the privacy. Around the merchant said, after 11 in the evening sometimes see someone into the shop to buy goods, and almost did not see during the day.

according to the owner Mr. Huang introduced, he opened first hours 24 unmanned self-help Adult supplies stores in Xihua road and road news at the end of 2010, but only 1 containers, but many people buy ", is to buy the morning. He said that the operation of this shop in Kunming, the effect can be, so in 2012 opened second stores, since then opened a total of 15 stores, especially in 2015 he opened a shop in the store. Among them, 4 Guandu District, Xishan District, the cost of each shop 4-5 million yuan, 11.