does not want to sell the work of a business, and if you want to cooperate again, the first time you should leave a good impression. However, how to make a good impression in sales, but it has become a problem plagued countless sales staff. So, how to make a good impression in sales?

in sales activities, sales staff to the customer’s first impression is very important. It can be said that it is the beginning of contact, to a large extent, the impact on the future of the customer’s perception and trust, but also determines the success of the transaction.

sales staff should remember the phrase "image is a business card". There is a psychological heart effect is called "the first effect", namely the first contacts the impression formed on the other side of the mind and occupy a dominant position, that is we often say "first impression" is the most important.

met for the first time to give each other the impression will be ingrained stay with each other in mind, if you are well dressed and elegant manners, politeness, the other will feel good, think you are a culture and etiquette person, willing to associate with you; if you dress weird, arrogance, vulgar language, other will think you are not training, the nonstriving guy, so sick, do not want to contact with you, even if you next time to correct, it is difficult to regain the goodwill of the other party, this is the first effect.

those who pay attention to clients that the image of the sales staff often represent the company’s product quality and service attitude of cooperation, so they are very concerned about the meeting for the first time the sales staff in speech, dress, temperament.

amiable expression

in the first time with the client, if the sales staff is very polite, too polite, but it will cause tension, and a tense atmosphere is often helpless to moderate micro business, can effectively alleviate the atmosphere. Smile should be decent, not artificial, do not use hand cover mouth laugh.

good appearance

a good appearance does not mean a beautiful face, but refers to a neat dress, dress with their own, sales of products and the company’s image. Generally speaking, when dealing with a client, it is appropriate for a man to wear a dark suit.

proper body language

to establish a good impression, body language is very important. Body language includes handshake, eye contact, smile, exchange cards, etc.. For example, the appropriate handshake posture should be stretched out a palm, the strength should be moderate; and customer interviews, the eyes do not be free, flicker uncertain.