Hot pot is our Chinese love to eat very delicacy, but in summer when we worry about fire do not dare to eat the Hot pot, the weather is very hot in summer, in front of a hot pot, my heart is certainly irritable, even love to eat Hot pot also did not have the mood. So, as a hot pot shop operators, how to solve the summer hot pot business difficult to do? Here are some tips and methods!

first, the introduction of summer hot pot

is now a lot of creative hot pot shop in the summer gradually launched a number of health without fire pot, such as clear soup hot pot, ice cream hot pot, fruit and other hot pot is a popular summer varieties. Winter is suitable for tonic, so soup, greasy hot pot popular, while eating more attention to health in the summer, those low greasy broth is the first choice of diners. And light pot of old people, children are suitable to eat, to better promote the family consumption.

two, frozen beer free

summer, the most popular restaurant is frozen beer. If even this is not enough, no doubt let diners experience greatly reduced. A lot of managers listen to free this is not a decline in profits, in fact, there are data show that a table of free beer and all singles 7-8 fold effect almost. The production of a prominent billboard launched frozen beer free delivery of advertising language, must be able to significantly improve the popularity of hot pot restaurant.

three, promotional activities can not be less

hot pot shop how to promote? Only in order to promote the summer to attract the attention of consumers, managers can be hot pot shop staff to collect creative activities, in order to promote consumption as the principle of maximum.

1, enter the Hot pot shop patrons put 50 yuan vouchers.

2, diners come to dinner every day, in the form of free single 1-2 table. Pay attention to the timely publication of the results to ensure fair.

3, the first day of the table 1-2 diners get free single chance or hit half off, 3-5 name also provides some specific small gifts, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone.

4, Children’s Day from the perspective of friends can make some special activities, let the children happy, happy talent. For example, diners with children can play 20 percent off.

four, other small business strategy

1, mung bean soup, Millet Congee, plum and other free supply.

2, provide free summer appetizer dish (e.g., cucumber), cold dish before the other dishes on the first; the purpose of this recommendation