certainly do business is to make more money, but blindly entrepreneurship is very bad, if you want to start it, the best in the business, we need to know one thing, that is what the current market, open shop to do what most profitable business. Here are a few small inventory of good business opportunities, they are the rural flavor shops, gift home stores, community demand and clothing industry, the cosmetics industry. If you want to start your own business, let’s take a look at it!

shop to sell what good? Rural flavor shop

in the rural areas of the more prosperous to open a home flavor shop, the introduction of the farmhouse dishes, but also to make money. One is to attract diners in the city. Now people in the city with the hotel restaurant dishes, wish to taste – farm flavor dishes, especially in rural areas with diet called grass soup; the two is to attract rural hospitality meals. At present, farmers also pay attention to guests, for important guests, the general will find a restaurant for some good food. The affordable, close to the flavor of the shop, it is the first choice for the reception.

shop to sell what good? Gift home


in the "Zippo" and "bedding". Buy gifts is always spent thinking of the job, from two years ago, the gift sales is 2009, more and more people gifts tend to taste and personality, with a certain identity to become the new darling of Zippo lighters. Only Zippo classic chrome, a style, in 2008 the annual sales of more than 20000. The bedding of the hot selling shows another major feature of online shopping – practical. Home decoration can be seen in the owner’s taste and mentality, or elegant, or cartoon, or are only 2009 taobao.com "stars" bedding, bedding shop sales reached four sets of 30000 sets.

shop to sell what good? Community needs professional services

in the process of urbanization, the community has become a platform for urban residents to live and live, but also fertile ground for entrepreneurship and employment. With the development of community construction, community service is no longer confined to watch and engage in health and tinkering and other basic content, but there is more professional service demand, provides the opportunity for the community of entrepreneurs.

shop to sell what good? Clothing industry

analysis from the clothing sales point of view, we can see the number of shops selling women’s is the largest, and is often used for seasonal clothing proofing, during the season, major festivals, various activities at the same time the harvest results also can be heard without end, very good. In particular, from time to time to launch a variety of spike, packet mail, special events, very popular with everyone, is often a special commodity just hung up, the blink of an eye has been sold out, recommended