a lot of rural people want to the city to find, in the city can make life better, in fact, in the rural areas also can have a good future, poplar planting is a very good prospect of the project, you can see that the items in rural entrepreneurship, the next is the analysis of the the prospect of.

poplar is a short growth cycle of fast-growing trees, timber, wood wide use, not only is the production of plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, paper, matches, disposable chopsticks and packaging materials in the industry, and construction engineering, building houses in rural areas the main timber market demand, but also in the the increase in demand will be greatly for a long time in the future of poplar. Under the present circumstances, farmers do not have the problem of planting poplar sales difficult, good prospects for planting.

[] the planting benefit of general poplar cutting cycle of about 10 years, the 10 year growth of poplar DBH 40 cm, volume of 1 cubic meters of wood tired, now on the market price of 700 per cubic meter of poplar (2008 price) to 800 yuan, the price of Poplar with larger diameter of more high. After planting 1 poplar for more than $10 a year after the income of more than 800 yuan, and poplar wood prices are rising.

] [the development direction of China’s cultivated poplar is mainly rural, timber, building materials. Timber industry is also limited to the processing of primary products, such as paper, matches, particleboard, plywood do can only be used as inner core, outer layers of most imported timber, to the tree size requirement is not too strict, with the increased development of wood processing industry in China and exports, the demand for large diameter timber. The increase of the height of 50 cm, the amount of timber market demand is large, the future will be a large timber of poplar cultivation direction.