O2O entrepreneurial model of fire for a long time, from the initial rise to the investment boom and then to the rapid decline, to bring a lot of inspiration to entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs are asking the future of O2O in the end where? The answer is S2C.

they should "eat" project, is based on the S2C model and.

S2C that ServiceToConsumption, as its name implies, that is, under the guidance of online service consumption, a simple understanding of the Internet to provide users with quality services, to guide the user line consumption. He said that compared to the word O2O, S2C closer to the gas, more acceptable to the user.


"business" the only difficult author · Horowitz said in the book: "as CEO more than 8 years, only 3 days is good, the rest of the 8 years almost all is difficult."

this, such as "O2O business outlet has", "ushered in the closures" remarks also rampant. So, before the venture and the capital of the field of O2O why the pursuit of large numbers of deaths will encounter the death list and then reveal what kind of problem?

The so-called