recently released a set of Beijing, pocketing the police suspect in the theft of micro-blog pictures, and mosaic suspects in the nose. This special skill mosaic point lead users praise, the police responded that this mosaic method is to avoid being diverted to download photos.

1 months, Anhui police arrested a few celebrities, when the release of photos, in the forehead of the seller to write the mosaic three words caused heated debate, the relevant staff responded, saying that out of the suspect’s disgust. In January 31st, Beijing micro-blog released pocketing police pickpockets in the photos of the suspects are mosaic in the nose, once again sparked heated debate, many netizens shouted out.

can be seen in Beijing, plainclothes pocketing micro-blog as the end of the year, the Beijing police continuous attack, before increasing Fanpa efforts, recently arrested a number of thieves, save mass loss for the masses.

and the police in micro-blog, to suspect only in the nose covered with mosaics. For this approach, many netizens shouted happy, said mosaic is a bright spot, to release the small series of micro-blog play out. Some people have objections to this approach.

2 2 in the morning, the reporter contacted the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau staff, the staff said that the pictures are a mosaic of mobile phone on the nose. In order to prevent the suspect code picture is free to download, and did not think too much.

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