creative home market demand has been very large, for investors in this field, how to enhance the competitiveness of the store, so as to better operate, has been their concern. Investment creative home stores need to know what marketing strategy? Mastered the specific operational skills, obviously can reduce the risk of investment, do more long-term business.

a shop location is very critical. But the location of the store is different because of the different types of business, such as stationery shops generally selected in the school or business district, hardware stores generally selected in densely populated areas. The creative Home Furnishing stores for customers is generally 20-40 years old, a higher cultural level, open mind, love contact new things young middle class, therefore, creative Home Furnishing stores generally choose in the larger flow of people, more than in the high-grade shopping center and Commercial Street, the location also Home Furnishing square, decoration market is also very well, because these customers have most of the house, buy Home Furnishing also will be the way to choose Home Furnishing decorations.

two, the unique names have a unique style. There are tens of thousands of shops, with different words, so that the name of the store reflects an independent taste and style, to attract the attention of visitors. The creative Home Furnishing franchise name should be "home" and "life", embodies the "warm", "taste", "romantic" and "creative" and "art", highlighting the consumer’s pursuit and taste. Such as "romantic full House Museum" reflects a strong sense of romance, and the pursuit of the life of young consumer groups. Such as the "nest of love home living museum", the aspirations of the heart is the direction of the home, the home is the meaning of the harbor of love, thus causing people’s emotional resonance.

three, commodity classification furnishings, store at a glance. All the goods furnished will make a person dazzling, prone to boredom, can quickly find what you want to buy. The reasonable classification of goods, goods at a glance, so that customers buy easily is one of the important factors to enhance the store image and performance. Types of creative Home Furnishing stores can be divided into humor, personality, elegant bathroom grocery, living room, storage, taste exquisite couple Home Furnishing style, fashion, beauty concept watches, art wall paintings, romantic house, computer peripherals, fashion fabric etc.. And each window to put a class, and posted a classification logo, so that customers feel that the store is not only rich in variety, but also creative and taste.

four, member discount, training fixed customer groups. The production of VIP membership card, cardholders in this store can enjoy an additional 12% off discount to attract more customers to come to buy, and gradually cultivate a fixed consumer groups. Membership card in the store to store a certain amount of money to be. Do not issue membership cards, membership cards, easily get people feel not reliable. In addition, the membership card in addition to shopping preferences, but also enjoy this store is not regularly distributed small gifts.