venture of the wind over the earth, many stars and even entertainment sports circle even hosted circle also have to venture into the army, was a well-known CCTV anchor Zhang Quanling to start a business, and share her entrepreneurial experience and mass.

11 day, the former CCTV host Zhang Quanling appeared in the first Yangcheng Lake annual meeting. She is now a purple cow fund partner. Stand on the stage, Zhang Quanling is the new investors hit off, she began entrepreneurship experience here.

business which is more valuable? Experience? Or have you ever had a life experience? Prior to this, Zhang Quanling has always felt that the greatest wealth in life is your experience, the rest may be others. But when he was on the road, she felt all the past experience and experience, not just wealth, but also a burden.

"in my new venture capital industry into two months of experience, you can convince many things, many things can be advised, only one thing is recommended