a year in arrears, to the end of the year, naturally to the checkout time. However, some creditors, if not it they will not take the initiative to pay the debt, which naturally also need clever account owners. In short, the end of the year, we also went to the retailers to account for time, but account is not an easy thing, although that is the customer owes us, but we can not account in time to consider some factors, because the account is a door of knowledge.

said that when the customer credit, we are like a grandson, Grandpa, but when the account is just the opposite, the customer has become man, and we are like a grandson. Although this view is somewhat extreme, but also reflects the account of difficulties, strategies and skills so we must pay attention to account, so it can do more with less.

account timely effect


account is an art, we must choose the account in the right time, must not be in the customer home to the guests to go to, to know customers also have dignity, if we are in front of so many people go to account, can not achieve the expected purpose, may be counterproductive finally becomes a bad thing. Therefore, we must identify the timing in the account before the general customer should be in the home when no visitors or avoid the festival.

I have a good friend, he is also a retail. He used to go to a customer account to the customer home, home to the guests, but my friend also left face, then the customer really feel shy, but also the account. Although the account to come back, but it will never lose the customer, think this is not worthwhile.

once, I went to a customer account in the home when the Mid Autumn Festival, the customer was drunk, I heard that to yaozhang suddenly said that I let him fly into a rage, and xing. I can’t argue with a drunkard, so I have to hold back. After the event, I reflect on, his words are not unreasonable, since then, I have taken note of this point. We must avoid the annual account. Choose the time for our account is too important, appropriate time customers can easily pay back the money, time is not appropriate, it will be counterproductive.

Daniel to accept

in general, we asked for the time, must tell the customer the truth clearly can not meet you, went straight to the theme so there must be some groundwork, the way, customers will be able to accept the. Once, I went to where a customer account, after the meeting I went straight to the theme, but he is looking for excuses, I and he can not worry, but ended in failure.

later, a friend told me that you should put your own difficulties and Gu