is also engaged in cigarette products, although the market demand is very large, but after all, the competition is very fierce, so, if you want good business, also need to master certain techniques, which tend to form a fixed business operator. So, what is the business of the business? Let’s get to know each other.

Wuming County

year Feng tobacco store owner Yu Zhaoshun is Zhejiang, though Mandarin is not standard, but Han Han smile reveals a sort of gas. "Chinese", "Abba", "dragon" and other high-end cigarette here a day to sell more than ten. He asked how the success rate is so high, he said: "a man without a smiling face must not open a shop, do business is to Friendliness is conducive to business success. My experience is to be good at observation, for the customer’s dress and temperament, I will be the first time to judge what kind of cigarettes they smoke, referrals will not be too much deviation.

foreign accent, I pushed the "dragon" accent, I pushed the "Chinese" or "Abba"; in the elderly, young people often push pin brand; come, I will push the new brand, a push of a quasi. Secondly, to carefully analyze the customer requirements, identify market trends, such as people’s health awareness is growing, I will introduce some low tar cigarette, and cooperate with the tobacco companies to do publicity, increase this kind of brand sales."

past, year after year, a month of sales of more than 1000, and now a month stable at around 700, although the volume has declined, but the average monthly gross profit increased by 4000 to $5000. Yu said with deep feeling, to sell cigarettes to keep pace with the times, the idea to keep up with the pace of the times. Puerile smoke can not sell now, should pay attention to rational, although our total sales drop, but one or two kinds of smoke proportion has increased, I adhere to the guidance price of sold cigarettes, gross profit increased by 40%, it seems right to tobacco companies."

business is not a simple code to the goods, and then waiting for customers to come home. After all, now all walks of life are very fierce competition, if you can not grasp the relevant skills, the probability of success will be very low. And Yu Zhaoshun by virtue of his business, business is more prosperous, so that the business of the retail customers, is worth learning?