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blog has thrived over site form, whether from the webmaster or from the user perspective, is no longer a SEO Master Pro gaze of the meat and potatoes, but it can be said that the blog has been completely out of the stage of history? I think it is not necessarily because, although compared to the micro-blog blog blog and website, light of various properties. Have their own defects in the information transmission rate and content, but can not recognize the blog as a personal brand is strong and professional carrier, absolutely appropriate, Lu Songsong, from the electric grid and Moonlight blog successfully, we can feel it is not all dark future blog. However, we want to do a blog full of sound and colour in the new year, then the appropriate adjustment strategy is one of the things done in a timely manner.

looks for the best niche for blogging and then gathers professional traffic


website and blog is actually a property, we either do rankings or do marketing, our ultimate aim is to establish the absolute authority in a certain industry, and then through the similar brand atmosphere gather site development meets the needs of traffic flow, and then sell or sell service, in fact, this model has been well known and used, but have seen these operations blog, I feel everyone in the excessive use of this position, first, treat everyone in the flow over the pursuit of a single, in other words, it is a bit like blog advertising broadcasting, not really belong to the flow of business, second, for the professional orientation are erratic, for example we do mobile phone information blog, operating a period of time that mobile phone information as mobile phone reviews and Buying Guide Later, when they found mobile phone sales go this road seems to be better, is actually the most loyal users for locating damage erratic, because today’s blog to development must be based on their own characteristics, and this characteristic obviously after long-term insist that you can, if as a blogger you frequently change the blog business line, then finally lost user must be you, because you let users do not know what is your blog.

put an end to its own business mistakes and become a discerning blogger,

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external conditions are in bad external conditions for such a long time blog, really feeling the greatest impact factors to the growth of a blog from the blogger, cite a simple example, Lu Songsong blog has a blog on the blog Daquan, very prosperous in the 09 years, the blog had been Daquan many bloggers sought after, many apply to join the blog can get click flow from considerable, but today, when I go to open those at home directories, but found that in addition to Hot Blog electric grid mobile phone reviews blog, Mou Changqing blog, many bloggers have won’t open. And because there are a lot of people feel it not, because of his busy life, busy working, busy family, and sat down at the computer to do blog typing behavior will be more. You think that is a luxury, a worthless, but it would delay a lot of blog >