friends say, you every day on the horizon, now the end of the world to revision, say something. I just didn’t pay attention to the revised test news just published in March 5th. Today, I took a serious look at the new version of the test. Let’s see what the new version will change first.

The biggest characteristic of

1, a new version of the interface is on the horizon to replace the left navigation navigation, global navigation become ever present on each page, while the left navigation is familiar to the end users are retained in the Tianya forum. The new up and down navigation also has a distinct feature that when the page scrolls, the up and down navigation will remain the same as the toolbar on the browser.

Several channel 2, and the

horizon focus focus revision, joined the "Tianya friends", "friends" and "new city" and user related columns, or interested in a column, to give more people the opportunity to show, on the other hand so that more users can more easy to get rich content.

3, my skyline and Tianya forum are even clearer. Easy for users to browse.

When the collection of user opinions and suggestions in the horizon of the

, a lot of people ", is said Voices of discontent." the content is too complex, not simple enough, or the left navigation removed is not used.

in fact, I do not think so, personally feel that this revision is the end of the years for the problem of a comprehensive solution.

one: from the original simple navigation left, now on the navigation, close to the portal layout, is actually the skyline was unable to meet the growing demand at the same time, a bold attempt to make the.

for this change, let’s look at what Tianya says:

"over the past ten years, the Tianya community has grown steadily.". It has grown from an original single forum to an integrated community of blogs, tribes, albums, music, come, quiz products. These new products and services are stacked in the original forum left navigation, resulting in left navigation overwhelmed, logical confusion, seriously affecting users access to the forum. In the left navigation of the first screen, you can’t even see the name of any of the sections. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the navigation system of the world to a certain extent, which is convenient for users to find their favorite edition, and also to facilitate the use of other products and services. We stripped off the non forum content on the left navigation to navigation, so that although you need to click more, it is more convenient and convenient to enter the forum. I hope you like it. When you go to the new page, you may feel fresh or surprised at first glance, because the familiar left navigation is missing. In fact, you just click on the "navigation" in the "BBS" word, familiar with the left navigation immediately appear in front of you. This is a streamlined left navigation, cleared of more than 10 unrelated columns before it, so you can find your favorite forum more quickly."

I just tried it, but it wasn’t that troublesome