has been on the web for almost 2 years, never trying to write an article, and write it on a whim. (typical of the rookie, veteran flash)

front in the domain name city bought a millet www.zwsk.com, then built a rubbish station, who expect Baidu to be happy is breakfast included, Baidu included the second day on my three page, the domain name city brothers also specially find me to share the experience, ha ha, where I have what experience sharing it is sheer luck, though, accounted for a large component of luck, but it gave me great encouragement to stand down seriously. Today, the station ip1.5K, PV2 million.

said under my approach: in fact, there is the so-called SEO to be honest, I basically do not know what SEO, but also do not believe that the SEO master, in my humble opinion, SEO is: website optimization knowledge + high quality of the chain and the basic link. I want this novel station optimization is "years" the network of popular fiction, the station my title and introduction are the "years", but in the words useless, I think this novel is not always popular, then the effect of key words on site is too big. This station can’t stand such a toss. Another point, I know the weight of a station’s home page must be higher than some of the station’s internal pages.

then what I have to do is to send out the chain everywhere, all over the webmaster network, outdated, domain name city, 51…… Of course, the chain is still not enough. It is also necessary to buy some high-quality links. The investment at this point can not be stingy. Through this effort, "Qing Yu," the key word to the top few, of course, with this flow. Of course, by this keyword, the flow of the station quality is not high, so we still need to work hard.

that’s basically what I’m doing. Of course, that’s not necessarily a good way, but from the current point of view, it’s a pretty good result for me at this station. Hope to have some enlightenment for the novice, this method can quickly improve the flow of the novel station, but there are advantages and disadvantages, and then change the title of the website and introduce how many will drop the right. This is something that the most important thing now is to use this to earn a little money to flow again, ha ha……

wrote it, writing is very bad, please forgive me. Looking forward to communicating with you (QQ:51888788).