2009 winter is especially cold, cold wind blowing, the snow was much thicker than usual. However, in a world where individuals stand, the cold winter is more than the real world. How do we stand on our feet? We need precise positioning, differentiation and competition.

the terrible earthquake,

in the world where individuals stand, 2009 is an extraordinary year, a turbulent year. This year, experienced too much instability, as if there have been several major earthquakes. Pornography has been carried out, in 2009 September began to increase efforts to clear the Internet pornography, especially mobile phone pornography. However, due to the lack of supervision and some systems, the implementation of the implementation of the "one size fits all", resulting in the majority of personal websites have been affected, and some even died of the site.

across the board, after the first check also led to a lot of IDC failures, it also proves that this storm effect is very large. But not so tightly that it was over, fighting waves and waves. Rectify BT, seal computer room, CN domain name, storm and so on. No doubt for personal Adsense is worse. The legal supervision of processing and so on should be, but you have to pull the line, block, very easy to let the fragile site dead.

needs to reflect on vulnerability analysis

, at the same time, we need to rethink why personal websites are too vulnerable,

many ideas come from us personally, but we lack technology, lack of funds and so on. Why are we so vulnerable,


we still lack experience, many webmaster shop surface is too wide, because of personal website of low cost, many webmaster as long as the idea, a hot head, immediately set up the web site, and soon, the site appeared. But are we seriously thinking about what is right or not? Is it sustainable? The answer is rarely yes.

enhances the vitality of websites

How does

make our personal station more viable,


many predecessors have said that the individual stations throughout the development of the period, we need to market segments, industry positioning. Accurate, what will greatly enhance the vitality of the site. We don’t have to follow the trend. We don’t have to follow the heat. Not everything is right for us. Not popular can do, not popular, it is suitable to do. According to the actual situation, differentiation, industrialization, differentiation, competition can win a place.

differentiation, industry, differentiation positioning

how do we segment? How do you position your industry?

lists the industries in simple terms. For example, the computer and the Internet contains programming design / search engine / site navigation / hacker security / free resources / Domain Hosting / webmaster resources / download software / hardware / information portal website / blog / character / network marketing website / digital products / mobile phone communication / e-commerce / Wangzhuan alliance.