each stationmaster makes a website, it is to have a dream to come; or hope to be able to achieve one’s own career, or hope to be able to dig one’s own first pot of gold, or hope to be able to rely on a website to raise a family. Wait。

from the new to the old webmaster webmaster, from the station to make money from the station, the station is not afraid to cheat cheated (or deceptive) webmaster, every webmaster from low to start, through a period of unforgettable journey.

on the Internet, half dead station station, station, station, no access to indulge in self-admiration acquisition station, everywhere; but this is our webmaster achievement is the fruit. Few owners will be able to put one up the first station to do fast, every webmaster is from a few dozen, dozens or even hundreds of thousands of growing up in the dumpster, then slowly learned to recognize or learn to do station technology, learn a simple SEO, learn to look at problems. Learn to think. So slowly do standing, from doing garbage station, want to do the best station transformation.

in my case, I begin to do a website from 2008, the 20 enterprise station, these things do not have their own maintenance; the real stations need some maintenance, the network literature class station 15, 5 class 2 novels, prose, class 3, class 5 quotations, you joke silent stories; picture website 7, 4 beauty categories, 2 human, 1 cars, 1 dogs; game site 2 site navigation station; 2; local sns1.

why can build so much, the site is basically a home station a space, but the use of foreign space, you can build a space station costs numerous; but the domain name increased; after the promotion of maintenance for more than a year, learned a lot of things, such as technology, such as acquisition for example, landscaping and so on; the most important thing is to think; now is collected by the well, collect and release some domestic main CMS are written in their own, but is not the main means of collecting station, just a small way. After washing the polished time mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, and the Internet Storm, already know how to analyze to find their own direction; now at hand in addition to the station, only 3 stations, a local information portal network, a picture, another is the life information network. Although only 3, but this is after I extracted from the station’s own essence station, in terms of content, from the website structure style, from the web experience, or a profit perspective, is that he is very satisfied with the.

so the last word, webmaster friends, don’t mince garbage station, also don’t be afraid of being said to be garbage station webmaster, referred to as garbage station ha. Because from the dross to the essence is a process, because it is this large and small garbage station, the Internet has a flourishing scene, but also will continue to have a good site, good ideas from the germinal. Here by his own experience with many webmaster brothers ": do their own station group, build its own carrier station. Experience will cherish, experienced will know, use hot >