;     for a rookie webmaster, I have been looking forward to their website independent, IP can be thousands of!

has seen other grassroots site IP how much, there is always some psychological "jealous", always feel so far away, even some people talk about traffic and inferiority, dare not dare to talk about IP, for Links.

I quietly set

the goal of the website: a year after more than 1000 independent IP. I carefully will be this stretch deep in my heart, because I doubt whether it will achieve, rookie inferiority complex has been puzzling me.

every day, I will wait in front of the computer, the observation site traffic, IP every one I will beat excited, I would follow his way, I will see his way. But, for the first month, IP traffic has been floating within 50, which almost makes me lose confidence.

Many people say

, Baidu Baidu.com, Google google.com, YAHOO yahoo.com and other search engines is the site of the parents, especially the grassroots website. I firmly believe that, the first month, I will see the website every day whether psy51.com was included, and sometimes a day to see more than ten times. I was very disappointed when the three search engines only included the homepage of the website. So hard to wait 2 weeks, and finally, the situation has changed.

was originally YAHOO yahoo.com, a collection of more than 200 pages, followed by Google google.com, also included more than 20 pages, Baidu Baidu.com included a dozen pages.

I still stare at the site traffic changes in the background, independent IP is gradually rising, all from Baidu Baidu.com. So, I look at the Baidu Baidu.com included pages, found that overnight has been over, and many keywords are on the first page, while the other two major search engines are decreasing.

at this time, I suddenly Chinese on my Baidu Baidu.com full of feelings of gratitude, pride! Yes, Baidu Baidu.com, is the real Chinese development and operation, all Chinese should be the first to use him.

on February 14th, Valentine’s day, the site traffic began to break, and in the next few days, independent IP straight up, and this morning I finally wait until the day IP break 500 of the moment.

finally, I no longer feel inferior for traffic! I no longer for a grassroots webmaster, a rookie AdSense and inferiority complex!


thanks to Baidu Baidu.com!


thanks to Mr. Robin Li who created Baidu Baidu.com!


dedicate this article to Baidu