from graduation to now, contact the industry for almost two years, can’t remember doing many websites, how many pages, with the financial crisis, the winter is coming along with the Internet, the new project is just MK near the end, can finally make time to summarize, to review their own way.

before graduating from the lofty, to downhearted after graduation, from the number of garden helpless to leave the park number from MK into the firm, excited, and now the Internet indifferent, witnessed my growth, from ignorance to helpless, helpless to fear from……

looked at IT a successful people in the history of entrepreneurship, have passion on grassroots Road, can also look forward to like the "hao123" father Li Xingping by the roots of the Swan future, with infinite longing to build personal standing, lying on the table, sleepy, hard drinking tea, the website gradually to do it, but later discovered, "can make the website" with "good website" one day really Xiang not, a good website, first of all to have a good plan, and then have a good technology, including the design background, function realization, and then have a good editor, then have a good promotion, no matter which one, you should pay attention to studying, the results of the first two stations do not have confidence in the half, but also get though give up halfway, experience, is also the first to experience a personal station Long is not easy, not to mention to be a successful personal webmaster.

grassroots road also paused for some time, and once again go back to the road of learning.

in the MK day let me learn more solid technology, it also makes me a deeper understanding of the importance of teamwork, thank you very much attention has been led by MK as an entrepreneurial enterprise, we should not ask too much ah, but the reality of the enterprise also gradually let me numb. So I decided to once again set foot on the personal website (the campus network,, from the beginning of planning section, analyze peer website, to the interface design, make, edit their own information, their promotion, every place is very serious to stay, I believe, as long as the correct analysis, to study the accumulation persevere, and success will not be too far away.

with some text dedicated to those who dedicate their youth to the Internet of personal webmaster, the Internet in the winter, we are not afraid of cold, the hope is in front……

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