will this year called the luxury business year, the luxury goods business is also not only funds rolling, emerge in an endless stream, a number of luxury favored by the investors, the domestic luxury business financing nearly half 300 million dollars, of which vip.com monk product network is in the financing of $50 million, and a few other also are ten million financing. Capital value is often a barometer, represented by the investment industry to fire, so we see that big business can not calm, Jingdong, where customers are ready to launch luxury channel, luxury e-commerce market in 2011 is flourishing.

why luxury electricity providers so fire


, that is, the domestic white-collar class for luxury demand has a great relationship, but also with several foreign NB luxury electricity supplier related. Because people have set an example, build benchmarking, need to do is ctr+c and Atoc (ajust to China) can be.

but some domestic luxury electric providers to the teacher Vente-Privee line, but only a fur, copy out of the site, do not know what is the real success factors of this industry, we have reason to believe that the site difficult to go far.

any industry has a knack for key success factors in the industry. Of course, does not mean that the key success factors will be successful, but the lack of understanding and judgment of these elements will naturally fail to control the law of the industry, and success will become quite difficult.

Key drivers of the


what exactly is luxury? The most important thing is electricity supplier.

, let’s listen to CEO, Zhao Shicheng, how do you say "


luxury electricity providers want to flee the red sea of fierce fighting, and successfully enter the blue ocean must go through five Customs: goods procurement, online trading, packaging, distribution, after-sales service, operations and service optimization." Actually, 5 links to optimize into the blue ocean.

, if you do the necessary process, even blue ocean, which shows that this industry is completely in a very confusing initial stage, the leader is not your own doing well, but opponents are too bad.

to understand the industry, what is the key success factor, we must first find out what is the most critical for the site. The answer is obvious: the user.

Internet era has always been the user is king.

has all the user mode is good talk, not all user mode of discussion.

luxury electricity supplier is the same, the key is to accumulate a certain number of loyal users.

some time ago, a friend of the Internet business and I said, for this website, shopping experience is the most important