do foreign trade card, what space will not be sealed, this problem is not absolute. So long as your foreign trade imitates the card website to have the public network, can run normally, cannot 100% not be blocked. You see, the imitation goods sold more fire, businesses will see genuine foreign property jealous, tube was particularly strict, whether you trade counterfeit space buy more remote, can not avoid being sealed 100%. It’s too remote, can not keep up the pace is no good, who will stay for a long time to open the site to buy something in a


old beauty is a legal country, their computer room management is relatively strict, for complaints, they will pay more attention to, then what will be complaints,


1. site fraud, Trojan horse; if it is on the machine issued some false winning information, or on the machine to scan other machine port situation; this kind of very easy to be complained;

2. website content appeared illegal, other businesses copyright problems, also can cause to be complained;

for the above first case, fraud, dissemination of Trojan horse, this is the computer room resolutely put an end to; so please do not do such webmaster web site;

for the second case, in violation of the copyright complaints, room to deal with more serious, the general room will be ordered to clear the related contents in 3-24 hours, some of the more stringent room will first stop the machine and then notify the removal of DNS


no matter what treatment will cause a certain impact on the website and business customers, and some room. There are some complaints phenomenon, that is to say some foreign websites have formal, but some competitors may make a complaint to the malicious web content, this kind of case is more; so that the complaints of copyright issues is always a headache;


, the purchase of foreign host is very convenient, some hosting providers support Alipay payment, like ixwebhosting launched its Chinese website, makes the purchase of host becomes as easy as blowing off dust, but the copyright consciousness of foreigner is very strong, in a foreign country without permission, you copy others’ articles it is serious infringement, you will receive a degree of warning or punishment.

in the domestic and foreign environment of the Internet, have to say "trade counterfeit station" mingyunduochuan, domestic copyright awareness is not strong, but the network outlet velocity, XX Department of barbarism, let people foreign Internet freedom, shiver all over though not cold, but the awareness of copyright is particularly attention…


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