[TechWeb] May 26th news special report, recently the country has always been a little-known group purchase website Wo Wo Group announced the launch of a high-profile U.S. IPO process, the company has received a strategic investment from CDH, Tianyou, clear and many other investment institutions, is expected in the first round of financing will reach $200 million.

this also means that Wo Wo Group will soon break two records in a very short period of time: this year, the single round of financing the highest amount of Chinese group buying enterprises, and the first officially entered the track of Chinese group buying enterprises. A consumer is not familiar with the website, with the hands of capital boost, fame, will soon soar.

Wo Wo Group

with two records fame (TechWeb pictures)

in fact, we find that the significance of the group buying website is no longer just a discount shopping area, but it also brings more and more speculation and confusion to everyone.

although the "thousand group war" the topic is no longer so often been hanging in the mouth, but from the first half of this year it was just a few months time, group purchase is still one of the most popular domestic Internet vocabulary. Get involved in cross-border financing, and huge advertising, quit poaching…… website news around the group purchase almost filled with daily media layout. The excitement of group buying industry is called "unprecedented"".

but, behind these noises, a few opposite trends are beginning to crop up. Happy group, the United States Mission network as the representative of the first batch of online buying site began to shrink the scale of the implementation of large-scale layoffs, or even shut down local sub stations. Group buying website also shows two distinct states to the inside and outside.

capital constraints, the first group buy site began strategic contraction

in April this year, there are rumors that happy net April 21, 2011 surprise dismissal of group purchase employees, layoffs may reach hundreds of people, and will be closed in Nanjing, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu 12 city sub station.


happy group purchase through layoffs and contraction strategy to finish off the station (TechWeb pictures)

happy net responded at that time, said, will adjust the line two or three cities buy team size, focus on human resources and do key cities. "Happy net" this group buys adjustment, do not close local substation, but the resource that mixes each substation and scale undertake deploy, the group that buys to a few cities is adjusted and put in place appropriately."

a month later, happy net contraction strategy has been basically completed. "So far, the group has been able to complete the joy of layoffs, the number of site editors also reduced to 20 people from the original more than 70 people, and sales of more reduced." A happy group buying insiders said.

happy net last December formally entered group buying, originally >