The biggest advantages of

online trading are: saving costs. Because online transactions shorten the distribution chain, broaden the scope of sales, reduce advertising and other promotional costs, reduce inventory or even zero inventory. Good communication makes possible the provision of personalized products and services. Using the network, customers can participate in the design, development and production of products so as to obtain the products and services that they really like and conform to their own personality.

online trading disadvantage often people face, most of the literature on the analysis of understatement, in fact, face online transactions online trading advantage disadvantage and understanding, but also conducive to develop the right marketing strategy.

from the point of view of pure e-commerce, the main disadvantages of online trading include: lack of trust. Especially in my website, this is more obvious, because it’s a pet station, and most of the deals are in vivo. Online commodities have the ability to display the restrictions, some important characteristics of the goods cannot be delivered to consumers, such as olfactory, tactile information, including some categories of visual information, thus, is sometimes displayed on the screen or the actual goods and customer imagination to get the goods are quite different. In addition, the customer absolutely ignorant of online merchants, businesses will "hang sheep head sell vinegar", "even if the customer can make nothing of it, that is seen, the purchase of things worth also can make nothing of it. Safety problems. Including the security of money online payment, confidentiality of customer privacy, etc.. When customers put their credit card number is transferred to the manufacturers through the network, hackers can intercept the information in the database vendors can even steal tens of thousands of disposable credit card numbers, not to mention some unscrupulous businesses use e-commerce directly under the guise of the crime. Customer and business transactions, inevitably will own privacy, the information will be recorded in the business database, these customers are considered the most valuable strategic asset market competition, inevitably be some unscrupulous businessmen abuse caused harm to consumers. Passivity. Interactivity eliminates the compulsion of traditional marketing, so that consumers are no longer lambs to be slaughtered. But interactivity also brings passivity to network marketing. In addition to the search, many consumers will not take the initiative to some well-known enterprise website, designed the site is likely in the "sea" in No one shows any interest in. Lack of interest. Online shopping is not lonely, interpersonal, unable to realize the streets with family or friends shopping leisure and pleasure together, can not enjoy the luxury shopping malls and hand picked goods import pride.