Hello, I’m Yu Hongming SEO, and today I’d like to share some stories about what I did.

I have stood for nearly 10 years, and for the website or some experience, the writing is not good, we all forgive.

The first

I do is in 03 years, I was doing is a forum for the sharing of information, in a small forum, users of discussion, was ranked particularly well done, one month down traffic has been 2000, but the station did completely interest only, never thought to make money on the top, just to play it, three months down traffic has exceeded 5000, a small space to buy already Zhichibuzhu, but although there are so many people, advertising, daily management is also troublesome, no money, so I didn’t tube, after 3 months the space period has not expired, management, no additional management to manage the forum, I saw before the expiration of the flow, has more than 1W, although a little reluctant, but because of too busy and various reasons, did not renew, stand so the grass The grass off, then shortly from the friends know Wangzhuan, he said Wangzhuan special simple, brush flow, simulation of advertising, a month down can have thousands of money, he said that if you have a super station wormhole flow tens of thousands of words, a month can earn W, I think that I die station, regret, but it was closed, I thought, well, probably did not belong to me.

from here for 07 years, has never thought of doing standing things. Then I contacted the friend who had a good time. He said that he had been able to buy a house in the past few years, and I was amazed. "How much money did you make?" I asked him in surprise. He said it was a lot of money and now there are hundreds of thousands left. I really regret it, but it’s gone.

second is a novel station, then I remember like PT novel start, also can not remember, and then got a space on the PT novels, novels to flow really fast, one month down already on the WIP, and then I hung up a Google advertisement it can also take a month later because of thousands, forgot to renew space, delete data. At that time, they were looking for the theory of space traders. They said that this was caused by their own mistakes. They didn’t take responsibility, and then they pulled me black. I was mad. But they made some money at Google, too. Then I began to do stand group, do PT station group, do about 30 stations, and then hang Google, and then Google sent a lot of money really. It was really good to do, get a few keywords, ranking up bass bass. ) later heard that the copyright issue, the station throw the matter, then you think you can make money, in the QQ group message, post in the forum. Later, some people at each station on the price of W took my 20+ station, was unable to sleep.

third stations is a download station, using the Empire’s procedures, almost the same as the Chinese army, hand copied, modified, added, tired, tired, although the new station on line 1