believe that every webmaster will have such a feeling, into the webmaster this circle is very easy to create a website of the cost is very low, but because of this, people are more and more now, forming a a grim situation, the competition is fierce. Do not think that they could not escape the local site of roses, to survive the pressure. In the market economy, the website and users are opposite, a pursuit of profit maximization, the other is the pursuit of utility maximization, although it is opposite but unified, the two are inseparable and can be transformed into each other. From the point of view of website operators, how can you relieve the pressure of local websites and make profit? I think the most important thing is the popularity, reputation and credibility of these three points.

talk first about how to improve the visibility of the website? This is the survival of the popularity of Lenovo, filed into the word headache because there is no traffic flow, there is no visibility, their relationship is simple and direct. Now there are many promotional methods are traffic in the bedding, in addition to search engines, there are writing soft text, bulk mail, blog, micro-blog, chat tools, questions and answers, forums, post, all kinds of publicity and so on. You can see these methods with a little attention, but they are all striving for a goal, which is to promote the popularity of the website. This is one of the webmaster very important things, so every webmaster also shows in the process.

then how to improve the reputation of the website? Here, moral guidelines are needed. Everything should be centered around morality and around the word "good". Moral demands make us, whatever we do, be good to others and to ourselves. For example, publishing bad pictures, information, novels, websites, Trojan viruses, websites, and other unethical practices undermines the Convention on cyber civilization.

may bring the benefits of time for you, but it will go out and take out is busy, busy. Their website content must be true and reliable, and practical value, it is best to multi point of professionalism, but also more original, do not always reprint or take other people’s things back, modified into their own. So that users are willing to access your site. It’s important to do more good things. Try to participate in some public activities, which can increase the exposure rate of the website. For example, those who show love for the disaster, poverty alleviation, funding for poor students also participate in public welfare publicity activities like this, can also do some environmental protection activities, unity and friends, organize people to plant trees, clean up the garbage, expand the appeal enhanced the influence of the site. This will help improve the reputation of your website.

finally how to improve the credibility of the website, which plays a key role in development?. Here simply, for those who rely mainly on value-added services and potential customers in the net to survive, it is necessary to wrap yourself up, appearance is very important. If you have the strength, you might as well sign up for a good company with an office address and a public account number