content marketing is a hot topic in the network marketing industry at present, we are talking about the original, so more people on the "copy acquisition pseudo original" way; there are a lot of friends, and I can’t write, not only write a wonderful content, and there is no time to ponder, well, network marketing is just to do



content marketing has become a hot topic now,

this is unique from the original completely mistaken, in fact your positioning of promotional products and overall grasp, and persevere persistence, to really find the best display form your unique original content system, forming the unique style of self marketing, never from the original unique skills — if you really grasp the unique products in the course of time the original selling point, you can come in handy; if you do not seize the unique selling point of products, let you be apt in writing not – you know, is now over the era of marketing, marketing audience is already tight cover purse a badly frightened person cannot underestimate the audience’s intelligence, marketing.

The original content of

real value is not equal to fancy words, culture of Junior High School of Tianjin farmers Guo Zhizhen at the age of more than 40, the blog marketing selling radish, his blog is full of such as "my radish delicious" or "no mumbo-jumbo", said a few words or a few photos, but Ming radish just like that "no mumbo-jumbo", he took the radish to sell thousands of kilometers away from Xinjiang, so fantastic.

is not difficult to imagine, the first network of junior high school farmer Guo Zhizhen might not be as professional as blog marketing, comparison, from Tianjin Sha’ao radish nutrient pollution-free growth environment, history, customer evaluation, and even a variety of radish recipes, cover and contain everything, everything.


"my radish is delicious", it is no mumbo-jumbo.

But Guo Zhizhen

is a simple, "my radish is delicious" over thousands and thousands of words — more it is worth mentioning that, although the old Guo began to hope that through the blog direct sales of radish, but he soon found that his blog marketing highlights the "old Guo Internet selling Radish". Although online shopping has not been fresh, but the Internet is still very rare to sell radish, "Lao Guo Internet to sell Radish", causing many onlookers to promote, and even attracted reporters from various sources.

when the old Guo found that their propaganda highlights the Internet is an Laoguo sell Radish ", he promptly with various lines of publicity," old Guo online selling radish is an "propaganda to the extreme, it will continue to enlarge, really make it into their own" online and offline sell Radish "marketing is different from the spot," the old Guo Internet selling radish is an "spread like wildfire.

In fact,

, as a kind of people often eat vegetables everyday, let you write till >