The rapid development of

Internet has brought about a huge commercial value behind it. The business competition of enterprises is becoming more and more intense, and the core competitiveness is achieved by product service. Big bucks for hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of domain names, only to get a string of characters, this example has been It is often seen. The value of the domain name more convex, thus remarkable, leading the popular Internet domain name and domain name investment tide, how can fire? A ripple of business competition will make ends meet? The following contents to view:


1: domain name market trends analysis

now the Internet, the domain name value to become the main theme of guiding the market value, every day a large number of gunmen stay up late in the rush to delete domain names, it is one of the best proof. In addition, common domain name registration prices have also increased rapidly increasing, which is the current trend of the domain name market. If the observation: "COM, NET, ORG" registered price, which one can do and now "CC, CO, SO and the latest domain name comparable? Domain name trading is one of the main melody, the future development of a mystery, but through the diversification of domain name repeatedly launched, we still can get a little bit of conjecture: single domain name value being diversified domain gradually diluted collapse.

two: domain name investment to pinpoint the market value of

The popularity of the

domain name market has led it to be the first choice for many full-time speculators. Many people are hovering over the analysis, investment and profit of the domain name. However there is a professional "amateur", look forward to fall from the sky "rice" to their wealthy people also there are a lot of night. But the final results tend to become "easy to buy to sell the situation, caused by the seemingly lucrative domain is more speculation more yellow. What kind of domain name is the most suitable investment? Non professional speculators can not do the domain name investment? In fact, identify the market value of investment domain can also do it, such as a minon must know: COM domain name in the world is considered the best domain name, NET domain name and its value is only 20%-25% at present, ORG and CN also accounted for only about 10%, blind definition of value will only find failure.

three: domain name, achievement, height,

what kind of domain name is worth registering? Why does the domain name determine its value, such as COM tables, commerce, ORG tables, non-profit organizations, EDU tables, education, NET tables, networks, or CN table countries?. From the nature of a domain name can immediately determine its commercial value, there are several companies to compete for COM resources? This is the main reason of COM domain name has been touted. In recent years, with the domain name resource shortage, the emergence of a large number of inexplicable mixed suffixes, such as: me, info, tel…… Regardless of the user search habits, in its nature, first of all lost in the starting point, and a higher visibility of the site, which is not to dominate the COM and not put it? The basic nature of the domain name is always